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12/19/10 11:52:15PM
Hey just came across this on youtube and thought this would be an awesome documentary and I tried to find it online but couldnt find it anywhere. It realeased early this year and I'm really interested in seeing it. Does anyone know where I can watch the full documentary.

Fight Life MMA Documentary
12/20/10 12:07:06AM
i tried to find it also and i kept seeing pages saying summer 2010 release. sounded good but if it did get released 6 months ago then it probably wasnt that great cause we would have heard about it. besides its got lyle beerbohm in it and i really want that guy to lose. he choked out a josh calvo from the gym i train at so now i want to see him lose.
12/20/10 9:54:15AM
I don't think it's been released yet. It looks as though it's either in post production or looking for funding for the DVD release.
7/22/11 10:58:09PM
I really think this should be a t.v show, maybe on discovery, or vs, or anything because i really want to watch this
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