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9/23/08 6:40:01PM
Got my refund e-mail the other day and will be getting the refund shortley just wondering what happened with you guys.
9/23/08 8:25:43PM
WTF did you do those d!cks haven't done sh!t for me
10/3/08 8:37:34PM
I just got a call back from Melissa (the person in charge there who was very sincere) after leaving a message two hours ago at the number 760.754.7000, their actual store number, NOT their online department. Saw it by my debit card charge. You can leave a voicemail there, unlike the online department. ***She told me the owners actually had to let go of three people very recently because they were stealing money from FGO and customers.***

NOW try giving them a call and make sure to leave a voicemail with your number and stuff.

I will post this in both of the anti-fgo threads because to me it is an excusable situation (of course my order was only placed nine days ago). I don't really care if you think I am a store-member or something stupid. Just try giving them a call as of today and on.
11/19/08 5:54:34PM
I hated to see readifyouhadfgoproblem's message as the last word on this.

I am happy to hear he had a resolvable experience, but in my case they totally blew me off. I ordered a hat for around $36 with shipping on Oct 5, 2008. They seemed happy enough to charge my credit card immediately. However, as of today I have not received a thing. I have called the vendor at least a dozen times on both numbers provided here. Not only have they not returned a single call, they aren't even taking messages anymore!

I filed a report with the San Diego better business bureau and hope things can be resolved, but looking at their score- I'm not hopeful. According the the BBB, FGO has a rating of "F" with 23 complaints in the last 36 months.

in my experience, this vendor is as shady as they come. I would never recommend anyone to use them.

11/19/08 7:57:28PM
Please do not make an account for the sole purpose of spreading the word about this company. I am treating them just like accounts made for the sole purpose of advertising.

If you are a regular member of this site and want to share your experiences, then that is cool, but all accounts made just to trash this company will be suspended.
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