Who Should fight Franklin next?

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POLL: Who Should Franklin fight next?
Luke Rockhold 16% (4)
Brian Stann 16% (4)
Alan Belcher 40% (10)
Michael Bisping 28% (7)
Hector Lombard 0% (0)
Other 0% (0)
5/29/13 1:14:53AM
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to get your opinion on who Rich Franklin should fight next? Alot of Middleweight fights have recently happened and Franklin is possibly returning late this year. I think who ive listed makes sense, if you have any others you think will be his opponent let me know.

I think Rockhold or Stann makes sense tbh. Would love the Bisping fight personally but it doesn't benefit bisping at all considering close to a title shot.
5/29/13 1:37:58AM
i think belcher would be a good fight. i would definitely pick belcher to win, but it would be a good test to see if franklin should retire or not.
5/29/13 1:47:34AM
I've wanted to see the Bisping fight for a while now so I went with that. Stann would be a solid matchup as well.
5/29/13 2:07:51AM
I actually went with Belcher. Both Coming off a loss, would be a fun scrap. 2nd would be Stann, but i would hate to see Richie get Knocked out Cold Again and Stann hits like a truck
5/29/13 2:29:54AM
I'd go with Bisping. I just think its a match up that is long over due.
5/29/13 4:59:54AM
Huge fan of both Belcher & Rich. I'd pick Rich to win it, mainly bc Belcher seems to have been psyching himself out in big moments lately. He mentally hasnt looked good in Okami or Bisping fights.
5/29/13 8:53:08AM

Posted by sparky

I'd go with Bisping. I just think its a match up that is long over due.

5/29/13 2:00:29PM
Probably bisping or belcher my guess.
5/29/13 6:20:10PM
him vs stann would be great....i wanna see him get back in the win column before he hangs them up
5/30/13 12:46:12AM
Tbh i dont think Belcher makes sense imo. Rich is coming of 1 loss to Le, Belcher off 2 losses to Okami and Bisping. If the UFC is kind enough i want Bisping vs Franklin, just depends whether they think it suits Bisping in the title picture... but a win over Franklin will for sure get him a title shot. Beat a former Champion and an Ex Middleweight Champion at that... and he'll get the shot. But having said that i have Franklin Beating Bisping... better be 5 rounds.
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