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7/8/08 12:13:15AM
Has any one visited this site ???

My neighbor I never talk to and I have lived next to him for 5 years just told me he is into MMA and he post on thisSITE

I was wondering if it is worth my time???

I by no means plan to leave the MMAplayground (this is my MMA home)

But maybe it would be cool to 2 time a little when the threads here get redundant

Your thought please
7/8/08 1:34:02AM
My buddy posts there too. I only post here. I used to be on but the forum died. It was a great place to talk MMA, even though Im not a Tito fan.
7/8/08 3:01:37AM
I'll probably start posting there as well, I love mma and can't stop talking about it.

MMAPlayground was my first forum so I to still will post here(like any one would know I stopped haha)
7/8/08 3:07:20AM
The playground is the only place for me. I post nowhere else.

Used to do the sherdog thing back in the day,'s impossible to hold a descent discussion over there.
7/8/08 6:32:24AM
Wait...there are other MMA sites?
7/8/08 7:49:59AM
MMANews has their own forum, I registered there but never posted (at the time I joined I had to in order to see threads. No longer the case). Only reason I give them any credit for anything is because that's how I found this site.
7/8/08 8:45:11AM
MMAPlayground is the Kobe Beef of MMA websites.
7/8/08 8:31:57PM

Posted by emfleek

MMAPlayground is the Kobe Beef of MMA websites.

Thamks now I'm hungry
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