Which fight at UFC 92 are you most excited about?

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Jackson vs. Silva 44% (18)
Evans vs. Griffin 32% (13)
Nogeuria vs. Mir 24% (10)
10/2/08 10:09:09AM
This is a stacked card to say the least but which fight are you most looking forward to watching, I'm most excited for Evans/Griffin, cause IMO Silva is going to walk through Rampage again, and Nogeuria will submit Mir.
10/2/08 10:15:37AM
I'm interested to see if Wanderlei can put Rampage away for a third and final time.
10/2/08 10:33:04AM
All three are going to be battles, I don't think anyone is going to walk through the other. I want to see the BJJ battle of Mir vs. Nog. (this would have been alot better before Mir had his bike crash, but still can't wait to see it.

Griffin vs. Evans - Evans SD
Silva vs. Jackson - Jackson TKO
Mir vs. Nog - Nog TKO

10/2/08 10:42:02AM
Hmmmmmmmmmm... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Which fight am I most excited about. I'm excited to see Silva dismantle Rampage again, and for Nog to out-class Mir... but I guess it'll be kinda exciting watching Rashad man-handle Forrest. If you don't think Rashad will throw Forrest around like a rag doll you're fooling yourself. Look at Rashad vs Bonnar. Not even close (despite the majority dec. to which Joe Rogan replied "That judge ought to be shot!") . And Bonnar and Forrest are very similar fighters (obviously). I'm crazy excited to see my favorite fighter, since his being on the show, win the lhw title definitively.
10/2/08 10:58:32AM
Any time Nog fights, I'm pumped. The casual American fan has no idea how good this guy is technically.
10/2/08 11:02:06AM

Posted by Manfred

Any time Nog fights, I'm pumped. The casual American fan has no idea how good this guy is technically.

Any time Wandy fights, I'm pumped. The casual American fan has no idea how good this guy is kicking some ass. Or they do...!

10/2/08 11:05:33AM
I don't see Griffin being like Bonner anymore his style of fighting has changed I think the odds are pretty good Griffin will win this fight

10/2/08 11:30:05AM
One word describes this cars and that word is STACKED... that being said as far as which fight im most excited about... its got to be Page vs Silva, but Nog V Mir is a very clooose second... Forrest V Evans brings up the rear but is in no way a fight that is on the back burner.... wow what a stacked night of fights....
10/2/08 12:09:53PM
Evans vs. Both TUF winners that actually were underdogs in their last fights. Would love to see who's truly better
10/2/08 1:21:50PM
Griffin vs Evans

I agree that Griffin is a different fighter since he fought Bonnar and i think he is more Technical and a lot bigger. Evans exicuted an exact game plan to beat Liddell and such a game plan doesn't exsist against a guy like Griffin. He can be knocked out but he isn't gonna stick his chin out for you. I think he will frustrate Evans and win a UD.

Nog beats Mir

I am stoked on Wandy vs Page III as well,
Both of them have changed alot and I think that Rampage has improved enough with his hands to stand and bang as well as his confidence in all areas. He isn't just a wrestler anymore I still think Wandy can finnish him though I want to see the some clinch action.
War Wanderlei!!!!
10/2/08 2:46:15PM

Posted by Manfred

Any time Nog fights, I'm pumped. The casual American fan has no idea how good this guy is technically.

I love watching Big nog fight! That is for sure the fight i really want to see Page Wandy I have seen 2 times, and Griffen Evans...............................I don't know, what ever I guess it should be a good fight just dosn't feel right to me.
10/2/08 2:49:39PM
Griffen vs Evans because it's the most difficult fight of the three for me to envision. I'm just not sure if these two are going to stand and bang or if they're going to turn it into a ground war. I love a fight where I really can't decide either way..I mean...unless it effects my point totals...then it kind of sucks.
10/5/08 3:32:32AM
The real great thing about this card is that every fight could be split right down the middle. each person has the same chance as their opponent. i don't see anyone having a upper hand in the fights.(Wandy may have a mental advantage over Rampage IMO) but talent wise, every fighter has the same chance to beat the other. i am STOKED for every fight, but if i have to pick i think i would pick Nog vs. Mir. i hope it goes to the ground. there is something very cool about the big guys like Nog and Mir who have such great talent and so technical working on the ground in BJJ IMO. both guys have been talked about being the best HW on the ground. i hope the fight goes to the ground to finally settle the score on who is the best HW on the ground.
10/5/08 8:17:26AM
most exciting mir nog cause i see this evenly matched and i would usally say forrest vs rashad but forrest will just dominate
10/6/08 9:54:59PM
Definatly Mir vs. Nog, i cant wait for this fight, this card is so sick.

10/7/08 7:03:35AM
Going to be a hell of a card, as much as I want to pull for Rampage I think new Wandy will overwhelm him worse than old Wandy, and I think Rashad has a good chance of beating Forrest actually, I see him pounding him out. If that doesn't happen I believe it will go the distance and Forrest will take the Decision. As far as Mir/Nog I could care less
10/7/08 8:04:53AM
well jackson/silva is going to be the most explosive on paper so i guess as of now thats the one i want to see most. the mir/nog match seems to be the most one sided so i guess thats the least exciting to me, but for these 3 to all be on one card is just amazing, its going to be a fun night.
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