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7/11/08 1:50:29AM
I'm going into my first year of college and have declared my major as pre-med, i know i have a few years before i need to worry about this but if i wanted to be one of the fight doctors what should i specialize in does anyone know what areas you have to study to be a fight doctor?

Any help is much appreciated
7/11/08 2:34:17AM
i believe you go into sports medicine
7/11/08 10:28:04AM
thanks i tried to search google and couldn't find anything, sports medicine makes since, ive only heard of sports medicine people being trainers but that's why i'm asking because i have no idea.
7/11/08 10:43:12AM
Why don't you try to contact the NSAC and ask them?
7/11/08 11:01:56AM
i didn't think of that, i'll try that thanks for the good idea.
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