10 fight deal has NOT been signed

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1/21/13 3:13:09PM
1/21/13 3:33:16PM
I'll sign it right now lets save some trees!!
1/21/13 4:05:48PM
He's still fighting for the UFC and that's all that matters
1/21/13 4:24:59PM
10 fights seems like a lot. In time he'll sign it.
1/22/13 12:48:54AM
That contract will put him in a place where he can decide his own fate...pick his fights, retire at will, come out of retirement for a super fight...etc.
1/22/13 12:40:07PM
Any more reliable sources than that site?
1/22/13 1:12:51PM
Its all over the net, i got the info for that site directly off the conference call where Ed Soares made the statement. I have a recording of him saying it, do you want me to send it to you?
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