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2/16/07 8:05:37PM
2/17/07 11:55:11PM
It isn't really unsurprising that this is happening. MMA is the big thing right now. It is unfortunate that it is un supervised and ill trained. Aside from the increased risk, it isn't any different than a bunch of kids playing football or baseball unattended in a field. Noone really bats an eye at that though. The fix to this problem is to have a no cost program where these kids can train and compete. Gyms today are almost too expensive for adults, let alone a teenager. If they had access to training and facilities it probably would be the end of the dreaded underground fight club. I know that programs do exist out there somewhere, but there aren't enough to cover the interest that the sport has acrued. The article talked about sanctioning and licensing, and how this fighter and that fighter looks down on fight clubs because they are trained and blah blah blah. Go out to one of these clubs and offer to train them. You only need sanctioning and licensing if the fights are official. You don't need comission approval for a smoker match. Someone out there, probably even multiple someones, has the money or the facilities to take these clubs out of the back yards and offer guidance to these kids. These kids are the next generation of the sport that we all love. Give them the support they need and deserve.
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