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4/22/08 8:09:35PM
The hamstring injury to former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has forced the promotion to shuffle the UFC 85 deck once again for the show at the 02 Arena in London, England, on June 7.

And while no official announcements have been made about what to expect, MMAmania.com has learned a few things throughout the day.

A 185-pound showdown between Michael Bisping and Chris Leben — a match up we teased earlier this afternoon — is expected to headline the show. In addition, James Irvin has agreed to step up and replace Liddell to take on Evans.

In addition, and this is the shakiest bit of information we are passing along, the show will possibly air on SpikeTV for FREE similar to UFC 75: “Champion vs. Champion.”

If all this pans out — and there is still one fight to be announced — fans would have little to complain about. It’s a solid card even though it may lack a “big” name such as Liddell or Georges St. Pierre.

Stay tuned.

4/22/08 8:12:08PM
Man i hope the Bisping - Leban fight comes off! That would soften the blow of Chuck puttin the hurt of Rashard
4/22/08 8:30:31PM
Damn fight goes from Shogun v Chuck to Evans v Irving. What a bummer.
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