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8/9/07 6:34:40AM
what sort of arrangements do most fighters have with their fight teams and gyms they work out at? its hard to imagine that on what a lot of these guys, even guys who are relatively famous, make that they could afford to pay much for their training.

are most well known fighters something that people want on their team for the exposure? do the team leaders, like couture or militech get a small % or what? do the guys just pay the rates like everyone else? if so what does it cost to train with top level trainers like couture, greg jackson, or at a less famous but impressive place like the pit, AKA, american top team or something like that?

im just always curious what happens behind the scenes in these scenarios.
8/11/07 8:25:37AM
none has any information about this or is it just too stupid a question to be answered?
8/12/07 1:12:26AM
For what I know they dont pay a lot to train I have some talks with Xtreme Couture because I will move , Mike Pyle tell me to go 2 weeks for 150 to see what happens , But it depends because some fighters train kids or 1 discipline in the GYM so is diferent for every fighter becauese you can help to in the corner or it depends in the Sponsors a lot of thinks.But its graet to be in a Camp .With famous fighters it can change but that I dont know at all I hope I help you with thinks that I know
8/12/07 3:00:43AM
The only trainer I know of who doesn't earn a part of his fighter's earnings is Greg jackson. There may be others though.
8/12/07 4:34:28PM
as far as I know, a lot of camps host tryouts regularly to get a spot on "the team" or competition team, but thats usually for people who have been training at the gym before hand. if your planning on switching your gym/camp I'm sure it would be a little different. and once your on that level, it usually comes down to a % of winnings.
8/13/07 3:59:05AM
no fight camps or trainers get any part of a fighters pay or sponsers, if they have to pay then they pay like everyone else

greg jackson's is free

after a year of training with militich it is free

I know its expensive as hell to train at legends

like 350 a month
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