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8/21/08 12:30:17AM
I'm sorry, but I am of course new and know nothing about fightong camps, yet have received numerous invites. If someone could just elaborate on the functions and goals of these camps that would be a lot of help, thanks!
8/21/08 10:39:01AM
Basically a fight camp is a team of various Playground members who compete in the game against other camps on the site to be ranked as the top camp at the end of each season in their weight class (based on total points and wager earnings, among other factors; Class is determined by number of members in the camp). Each camp is led by the camp's founder and gets their own message board to use as they please (within the rules, of course).
An invite from a camp leader is how you get into a particular camp. You can only be in one camp at any time.
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