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1/11/08 6:15:56PM
Is there any fight camp rules in place?

If not will there any be put in place in the near future?

like no adding or removing players from your camp once we are past set date in the season.

and so on?

Sorry if this has been asked I was unable to find this info anywhere.

1/11/08 7:06:30PM
Peoples are always free to go out of a camp at any time, so it would be hard to freeze team after X date.

1/18/08 10:47:14PM
I assume this hurts the average points taking on guys mid season? Or do they average every event across wagers, picks, and such?

On the one hand, I wouldn't want someone to just grab a guy with awesome numbers and have it boost their scores before they perform on their NEW team. But I'd like to be able to drop some of my slacker friends without them bringing down the team, and when they are ready to play and stop being homo, then their new points will count. So like one event I'm judged by our four members, the next I'm judged by the current 5, regardless what that one new guy did before.
1/18/08 11:36:06PM
Though we don't have many, *we* have rules set for Team Sure Shot.
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