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7/15/09 10:35:27PM
OG fight camp is looking for new members!!

BUT im sorry to say there is a catch

im looking for members that joined in the year 2007. thus the name OG

so if your interested just request an invite and your in

7/15/09 11:05:45PM
Just join Sabotage.Inc Bro
7/15/09 11:21:36PM

Posted by backalley101

Just join Sabotage.Inc Bro


you just join Team OG
7/16/09 4:00:50PM
haha since ive gotten LOADS of requests for invites from 2007 members jk

ive decided to make Team OG open to everyone that wants to join!

7/16/09 8:11:54PM
its official...Team OG has been disbanded...
7/17/09 8:34:03AM
Sorry to hear about your camp, man. If you're interested, though, you're more than welcome to join Sabotage, Inc.

If you're up for it, drop either me or DCRage a line!
7/17/09 8:55:33AM
He already has been in touch with me, an invite has been sent.
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