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3/15/07 12:29:20AM
if your looking to have fun on this site and talk mma then this camp is for you... anyone is welcome nobody will be refused... hope to hear from you soon
3/15/07 1:49:46PM
hope you can find some members cause i'm tierd of everyone trying to make a camp and then there are `100's of fight camps with only one person in them. i'm jsut happy that one person camps don't get to be on the fight camp directory. cause one person don't make a camp.
3/15/07 5:16:19PM
i agree with you but i'm sick of the way some fight camps discriminate against people because of one reason or another... i would happily disband this camp and join another if they accept people for who they are.
i joined this site to get up to date mma news and to have some fun with the fantasy wagers and be able to chat about all things mma.
not read about how some camps will acccept you only if you are coloured that's crap and i bet a lot of people feel the same
3/15/07 8:19:38PM
That's one camp dude, all the others usually accept no matter what. Just shop around and see what you like.
3/19/07 4:35:55PM
come join sudden impace got any people that want to join
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