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1/12/09 5:57:30PM
They'll be there eventually. Remember there's a new programmer running things so give it time to get all the kinks worked out.
1/23/09 12:11:42AM

Posted by RampageOwnedYou

All I know is for this upcoming season
better be watching that championship of theirs. We will be coming after you for the top spot.
Hope to see you come last lap.

East Coast Pitbulls for the LHW title, its true, its damn true.
1/23/09 12:45:34AM
Pookie, yo umay want to change that WW prediction to Thu gLife for this season...
1/23/09 8:07:29PM
Look for The Bullies to run Season 5 !
We are off to a sick start!
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