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10/31/07 2:58:34PM
I was just looking at the Fight Camp standings, and would like to know exactly how the leaderboard is determined. I understand that it is a combination of the winning percentage with the bankroll.

Can anyone give more detail about the calculation?
10/31/07 3:13:30PM
it is the result of the ranking place of a team in these 3 catagory :

rank in the average % record

rank in the average points

rank in the average bankroll

in the division that you are .

so example :

if you are 3th in the avg. % record , your score = 3

if you are 5 in the avg. points, your score = 5

if you are 2 in the avg. bankroll, your score= 2

so 3+5+2= 10

and 10 divided by 3 = 3.333 team total score !!

the lower your score is , the higher you are in the ranking !!!

P.S. the average points are not write in the leader board so if you want to know it , you have to calcul it manually.

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