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2/4/11 12:08:50AM
Hey guys,

How long do you think it would take to become a MMA fighter. I just started private lessons and was wondering how long it takes the average person to make it. I am a bodybuilder so I have a good foundation. What do you guys think?

Also I am writing a blog about my journey from my decision to do MMA to my first fight. Contact me if interested in reading it as I know it is not allowed to post links.


2/4/11 3:16:51AM
it depends. theres a ton of different aspects to getting into fighting. for example, trainers. is there a good gym you can train at that has mma experience? body builder? bodybuilding and MMA are 2 opposite sports. to much muscle is a bad thing if you cant move it properly. you'll more than likely have to put that on hold while you fight. the last thing i wanna do is talk somebody out of mma, all im trying to do is give you things to think about. sounds like your pretty serious about it. make sure and find a good gym with good sparring partners and a trainer with experience in the game. good luck, keep us posted.
2/4/11 8:52:14AM
It depends what you mean by "make it." I don't know whether you have to show any credentials at all to get into a local amateur match. They probably vary widely, in terms of entrance requirements. If you're in an MMA gym, I would expect the people there would know the ins and outs of local competitions. I found a website for Massachusetts with just a Google search; there might be sites for other states too. You could also look at the Playground's "MMA Training" section.

To use Joe Lauzon a yardstick: He switched from "Call of Duty" to Brazilian jiu-jitsu in ~2001, had his first amateur MMA match in 2002, his first pro match in 2004, and debuted in the UFC in 2006. Of course, he's probably not a good yardstick for most people...
2/5/11 12:03:24AM
Thanks for the response. I am training at Matt Serra/Longo Gym So I think I have a great start. Your advice about muscle is dead on as I was told the same thing many times over. Not that I am huge by any means just cut. I was also told that MMA is more about explosive movements not muscle, but it doesn't hurt to have both.
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