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7/29/07 10:15:20PM
Dan Severn vs Anthony Macias
7/29/07 10:41:38PM
Vitor vs Tank
Randy vs Tito
Frye vsTakayama
7/29/07 10:47:28PM
All of the early Vitor Belfort fights, they are beautiful and will stay in MMA history forever. GSP and Hughes 11 is a great one, that's fun to watch. Royce Gracie and Severn is a classic, from the time it happened and is one of the greatest feats in fighting. Sylvia Cotoure is great to watch, inspirational. Shogun Rampage cause both are first rate fighters, and not withstanding this fact, Shogun just destroyed him. Fedor, talk about a one sided fight, against Gary Goodrich.

Those are all incredible timeless fights. YaMon.
7/29/07 10:50:40PM
I love all the love that Nick Diaz is getting. No matter how you feel about him he is one of the most exciting fighters the sport has ever seen. It is odd to say that a guy on the cusp of the top 10 is one of the most entertaining, but I would beg anyone to defy this. When you look at his full body of work it is hard to top. His fights against Karro, Lawler, Diego, and Gomi are all insane. His only fight that isn't really fun to watch is his battle with captain boring himself, Sean Sherk.
7/30/07 3:42:47AM
right now diaz vs gomi
but i used to watch baroni vs tanner 1 a lot
7/30/07 10:28:19AM
the fight i've watched the most times is Wanderlei Silva vs Artur Mariano..Artur wins it but because of a cut it was for the championship in IVC...Wanderlei was cut above the left eye and still headbuttin the guy it was crazy.
7/30/07 11:28:37AM
Don Frye vs Takayama
7/30/07 12:40:09PM
GSP VS Trigg

He controlled him that whole fight like no one else has ever done
7/30/07 1:51:23PM
Anderson Silva vs Rich Fanklin 100,000 time and counting
Franklin was destroyed and hasnt looked the same sense
7/30/07 2:29:21PM
I like the Hughes Newton fight when they both go out for a second.

Cabbage and Big Tim was great too.
7/30/07 3:16:32PM
Randy vs. Tim: That match at 25 minutes long doesn't bore me at all. It's just amazing watching Randy do something so many others have failed to do, beat Jabby McJabby in the stand up.
7/30/07 4:01:57PM
Gomi/BJ Penn
Anderson Silva/ Chris Leben
Gomi/ Diaz
Ryan Gracie/ Shungo Oyama
Hughes/St pierre 2
7/30/07 6:25:56PM
hughes vs GSP 2
GSP vs BJ Penn
Hughes vs Trigg 2
cro cop vs wanderlei
nick diaz vs robbie lawler
7/30/07 7:27:56PM
Bonnar/Griffin 1
Franklin/Tanner 2
Sylvia/AA 2
Ortiz/Griffin 2
Hughes/GSP 2
Hughes/BJ 1
BJ/ Uno 2 i think(its the one where uno comes in with a crazy flying kick at the very begginning then gets punished for it)
BJ/Din Thomas
7/30/07 10:11:18PM

Posted by masodd

Bonnar/Griffin 1
Franklin/Tanner 2
Sylvia/AA 2
Ortiz/Griffin 2
Hughes/GSP 2
Hughes/BJ 1
BJ/ Uno 2 i think(its the one where uno comes in with a crazy flying kick at the very begginning then gets punished for it)
BJ/Din Thomas

The fight you are thining of is BJ/Uno 1
7/30/07 10:29:26PM

Posted by richieb19

Posted by Stickan

Posted by richieb19

Ken Shamrock Vs. Dan Severn @ UFC 6

That get's me curious... why!?

It's just such a memorable match. Ken was a huge underdog coming in, and this was after being the first man to beat Royce Gracie.

Sorry to be a dick, but being a mod I would assume you would know that Ken Shamrock NEVER beat Royce Gracie.

I guess my most watched would be either any of the 1st 2 Silva/Sak matches or Kerr/Herring. I was a huge Sak fan who couldn't help but love the man he just couldn't beat. And I love the timing and excitement on the ending to Kerr/Herring. @ the end you're realizing that Kerr isn't the guy he once was and/or the rising star that was Herring @ the time (turned out it was both). It's been boring til the crowd is getting sick of it, Heath is asking to be stood up, the knees, beautiful.
7/31/07 11:21:50AM
Rich Franklinvs.Nate Quarry. At UFC 56 that was a killer knockout.
7/31/07 2:56:26PM

Posted by Stickan

I've watched Rampage - Chuck 1 probably 50 times. Sometimes, when hanging out on the forums and getting sick of all the Chuck-huggers, I just put on that fight to make myself happy again.
It kept me from getting convinced that Chuck is the best LHWer in the world.

Nowadays when I get tired of those seemingly dying Chuck-huggers, I just put on Rampage - Chuck 2. Then I won't have to waste as much time getting happy again.

What are your favorite fights? Which fights have you watched the most?

me too man thats waht i always did...HAHA but i really like trigg vs hughes too
7/31/07 4:11:48PM
1. Shogun v. Rampage
2. Chuck v. Rampage 1
3. Vitor v. Wandy
4. Wandy v. Rampage at the GP
5. Rampage v. Arona

... According to my Media Player. I think that has been skewed by me showing my friends who don't follow the sport very close why I knew Rampage would win. Made good money that night.

As far as all time, probably Big Nog v. Sapp.
8/1/07 1:20:26PM
The fight that I have seen the most and I love it every time. Is when Anderson SIlva handles Chris Leben. Remeber when it was Silvs's only highlight that the UFC was allowed to show before his match with Franklin. I probably saw it a 100 times on the pre show alone.
8/1/07 5:08:56PM
Hughes/St. Pierre 2
Liddell/Ortiz 2
Griffin/Bonnar 1

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