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6/14/08 5:00:14PM
Dream Middleweight Grand Prix Bout:

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Melvin Manhoef

Japanese MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba takes on Dutch striker Melvin Manhoef. Sakuraba has a 24-10-1 record and is a freelance fighter out of Japan. Manhoef has a 21-4-1 record and is a freelance fighter out of Holland.

Sakuraba comes off a submission victory over Andrews Nakahara at Dream 2, while Manhoef stopped Korean judoka Dae Won Kim at Dream 3.

This is a classic striker vs. grappler match-up, however the fight ends up going it will be exciting. This could be a last hurrah for Sakuraba with age and injuries starting to catch up to the Japanese legend.

LINK:_____WAR SAKURABA, THE CRAZY ************
6/14/08 5:42:29PM
I moved this to the spoiler section of the forum.

*Just in case anyone wants to start posting that here.
6/14/08 6:08:41PM
sakuraba is proly the toughest bastard ever to fight mma imo. i think hell take this the other guy is experienced but sakuraba is a legend. win loose or draw WAR SAKURABA
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