FFTT2: Brown/Yahya & Campuzano/Cariaso

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1/22/11 5:44:16PM
Anyone know yet if we'll have the Brown/Yahya and Campuzano/Cariaso fights count? Not only are they missing from the Fight Companion but they're missing if you go in the backdoor way to view your picks. The last time fights didn't show up on the fight companion, you could still view them going through the other way and so they counted. Any ideas this time or just a wait and see ?
1/22/11 5:50:50PM
I'd assume they will. One of those guys (not saying who yet) is in my parlay and that part of it still shows in my Fight Companion.
1/22/11 5:52:39PM
Sweet, that should mean they'll count, glad you had one in the parlay. Thanks for the heads up.
1/22/11 8:29:24PM
Mine are missing as well, I hope they counted.
1/22/11 10:31:15PM
I hope Brown doesn't get cut.
1/23/11 12:35:26AM
YES.Apologies for the inconvenience folks but we have 2 guys working on it as I write this. they still count they just aren't showing up the way they normally do. However, the points and wagers are still tabulated by the system for ALL the fights . Its just a programming error for the rest that will be fixed soon.
1/23/11 5:12:21PM
I'm glad they're counting. Those were 2 out of the 5 fights I picked correctly. Damn, I got killed on this card.
1/26/11 6:31:54AM
OK. here is what the original programmer told me explaining the fix.

We lost a large piece of programming that updated all sorts of statistics behind the scenes when we had our server crash. Considering that I initially built this site years ago now, no one had a clue what exactly we lost. In a nutshell, I re-built a large portion of site maintenance programming and put it into effect, retro-active from the day before the crash. Fight companions, players picks pages, etc should be fine now.
1/26/11 6:00:20PM
Seems to be working now A few days ago UFC 126 only showed a few hundred people picked the Kid/Johnson fight...now its well over 1200
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