Fertitta Brothers makes Forbes 400 list

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9/21/07 4:23:31PM
Where is Dana???? here
9/21/07 5:17:11PM
Dana's not poor, but he doesn't have 3.1 billion dollars. he is not an equal partner on the UFC and I don't think he has a piece of there casinos either, but I could be wrong.
9/21/07 5:21:37PM

Posted by Mv356

Where is Dana???? here

It is a far cry from owning a giant casino empire to owning a 10 or 20 percent share of the UFC, put it this way, Dana owns a tiny portion of a tiny portion of the Fertittas.
9/21/07 5:49:08PM
i wish i was on that list, i could be at the bottom idc i just wish i was up there
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