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1/26/09 5:03:29AM
Affliction puts together a great card but what is up with the ridiculous commentating??? I happen to be a big Tito fan but COME ON, bis post fight interviews and pre-fight analysis were embarrassing. And who is this Ferrall guy with the WORST annoying scratchy voice in the world??? He added nothing to the show except for an ignorant pro-wrestling type feeling while he is on. And actually Zito did nothing horrible, he just got stuck with that D-Bag. Please Affliction, feel confident in your product- It is very good. Don't try and spruce it up with this nonsense.
1/26/09 10:39:54AM

Tito was awful with the post-fight interviews. They should stop that immediately. He was good with his during-the-fight explanations, but he typically went too far trying to hype things - it was very transparent.

Mr. Scratchy-voice should just go away, that was weird. But please, please, please, Mr. Attencio, do not bring Mauro Ranallo on board!
1/26/09 11:20:09AM
I love Ferrall but he has no business in MMA.
1/26/09 12:25:26PM
I've said it before, the only way the shows commentaing could have been good is if Zito did the whole show himself, that way it's funny, instead of painful.
1/27/09 2:11:11PM
What a joke the three of them were! It was a great card but once again the production value was horid. Tito sounded like he didn't know if it was day or night during the post fight interviews. My fav was when he mentioned his fight with Patrick Cote at UFC 28.....ummm...pretty sure that was UFC 50 Tito. I don't even want to get into Ferrall and Zito....just brutal. I know Goldy and Rogan are a farce sometimes as well but they must have had a good chuckle at this mess.
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