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1/1/09 4:13:48AM
Whats goin on everyone. I just wanted to say ive missed this website for the last month. My computer got some myspace/facebook virus that i have no clue about but somehow i was lucky enough to get it somehow so ive been without a computer for the last month. I just wanted to say Im so happy to be able to get on here and again and talk with everyone.
1/1/09 4:55:55PM
I definitely missed the Muhammad Ali avitar...but I couldn't remember who had it!

Good to have you back.
1/1/09 9:25:48PM
lol i had noticed muhamed had left. welcome back man
1/2/09 12:03:40AM
Welcome back.
1/11/09 1:16:39AM
welcome back man, i've heard stories about that facebook virus being pretty bad. hope you got it sorted
1/11/09 1:55:14PM
Welcome back man.
1/11/09 2:29:02PM
Welcome back man. My buddy got that Facebook virus too and his comp is still busted. Glad to see you got it figured out.
1/12/09 12:09:17AM
Maybe your computer got Alzheimers and couldn't remember how to reconnect to the internet.

Get it? Because your avatar is of...... ah forget it.
1/12/09 7:05:35AM
i think ali has parkinsons
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