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2/6/12 7:23:34PM
Does anyone else feel like they are having trouble keeping up with all the new faces in the UFC? I used to be able to nail down most fighters quite easily, but a lot of the new blood I don't think I have kept up with enough on under card fights to really appreciate these fighters. I guess I have some catching up to do.
2/6/12 7:47:59PM
I've been feeling burnt out these past few weeks. I used to get excited for every event when they were spaced out, but now we have a new event almost each week and now I'm just eh about most of them. Just feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the news and results of the MMA world.
2/6/12 7:49:59PM
Yeah I totally agree.
2/6/12 7:53:54PM
They're not having any events in March if I remember right so we only have a few more to go. This is just the homestretch and I'm sure we'll be itching for fights by April.
2/7/12 12:15:39AM
i get side tracked with my own training and work, etc. it seems like if i dont pay close attention to all the fight cards and any up and comers, a ufc card will come on tv and i wont know who the whole undercard is. the funny thing is i really didnt know who baraoe (sp) was until he fought jorgenson. then suddenly everybody is talking like this guy is the next aldo? did fuckin miss somethin?
2/7/12 12:58:06AM

Posted by tcunningham

did fuckin miss somethin?

If you didn't know about Barao until the Jorgensen fight then yeah, you really did.
2/7/12 4:32:57AM
On the same note don't worry:

MMA taking a spring break?
UFC Feb 15 
UFC Feb 26
UFC & SF March 3rd
Nothing for 41 days...
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