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12/23/07 12:04:47AM

what do you think of this video lol

true or not true
12/23/07 12:08:00AM
LOL !!

Well, it is a possibility !!

i would prefer a real KO but a cut is good enough to make me laugh !!

12/23/07 1:46:46AM
Hong Man Choi by eye poke? I could see that happening...
12/23/07 2:37:29AM
Well Fedor's a bleeder, and a lucky punch could end it, but I would never.... never... did I say NEVER bet against Fedor on this fight. I give Hong man about 5 percent to win on this one, Fedor is going to take him down and start to twist those big long limbs of his.
12/23/07 7:16:33PM
wishful thinking, but not by me. i want barnett to be the one to dethrone Fedor
12/27/07 10:54:24PM

I hope it happens

Its what he deserves for taking the damm fight in the first place.

Fedor = The Can man
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