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2/17/08 11:54:17PM
Over the years, I've seen dozens of threads about Fedor's entrance song, but no one ever seems to find or know it.

Well, its Enae Volare Mezzo by ERA

LINK to Music video
2/18/08 12:03:46AM
yea i've had the song for a while, i've never heard anyone ask for it be4, or else i would have given it...but w.e............aleks(his bro) entrance song is also by ERA its called AMENO, its similar in the way that it has latin, the words etc.... but its a pretty cool song, here is the link if you are interested LINK

EDIT: here is a different version of aleks entrance song, this is the one i've heard be4, the other one above was the one i searched on youtube, its the same almost, just this one is more techno......not sure which he uses, but both are cool

6/21/09 11:15:09PM
ive been trying to find the song he came out to at affliction banned.
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