Fedor won!

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4/14/07 1:40:42PM
YES! That was one fight I didn't want an upset in.
4/14/07 1:42:09PM
1rst rd. sub . basically what we all suspected
4/14/07 1:43:24PM
How did the fight go ? Did Lindland do anything ? Or did Fedor just walk threw him?
4/14/07 1:57:46PM
I kind of wanted Woogie to pull of the greatest upset ever, oh well. Good job Fedor.
4/14/07 2:18:17PM
Matt has huge balls for stepping in there with the baddest man on the planet (Sorry Mike Tyson)
4/14/07 2:34:31PM
Its funny how many people gave Matt a fighting chance(including myself) deep down inside we all new the Fedor was gonna win someway or another.... I need to stop watching rocky IV!!!
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4/14/07 2:38:00PM
I want a recap. I'm curious to know if it was an armbar from mount or if Lindland actually took Fedor down and Fedor got the armbar from the guard.
4/14/07 7:00:55PM
WOW WHAT A SURPRISE....lol. It was a quick fight less than 3 minutes I believe. I'm also curious to see if Lindland took him down or not.
4/14/07 9:25:22PM
Lindland clinches with Fedor. Fedor turns him around. Lindland is fighting for a takedown. Fedor takes Lindland down and quickly mounts him. Fedor spins for a leg lock but Lindland has none of it. Fedor now working from Lindland's open-guard. Fedor passes to half-guard. Fedor mounts again. Lindland gives up his back. Emelianenko attacks Lindland's arm but he esacpes. Fedor tries again and forces a tap with an armbar early in the first round. The official time is 2:58.
4/14/07 9:55:54PM
Another dominating fight by Fedor
4/14/07 11:37:37PM
4/15/07 1:35:48AM
I thought Matt could possibly have a chance in this fight. Fedor is just, well I don't ever have the words to describe him. My question now is who can beat him?
4/15/07 1:40:27AM
a lot of people are giving Fedor shit for holding the ropes to reverse the TD.....I dunno, I still think it would end the same even if Lindland was ontop.......
4/15/07 2:46:39AM
Lindland had a big overhand left that opened a bad cut on Fedor. Had a very dominating Greco body lock and Fedor grabs the ropes twice. It was all over after that.
4/15/07 3:00:01AM
Fighters grab the ropes/ cage or whatever have you all the time. It doesn't matter. Even if Matt takes him down Fedor would have found a way to win. The man just wins.
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