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3/5/08 3:28:30AM
I am kind of new to the mma scene, I have been into it for a couple of years, and only saw the last few prides. Back when Wandy was at the top of Pride was there any talk of a Wandy Vs Fedor match up?
3/5/08 5:36:13AM
I never heard anything about it, mainly because Fedor is far bigger and admittedly better than Wanderlei,and the decision was probably made to make sure that they never met, mainly because Fedor would most likely taken the wind out of Wanderlei's sails, who was, for most of Prides lifespan, on an absolute Rampage through his division.
3/5/08 9:05:46AM
As much as I love Wandy, the matchup would've killed him. Fedor's technique in every area of the game is way better than Wandy's, and even if somehow Wandy got the better of the standup, Fedor could pull guard, and then pull an armbar out of his ass like he always does.
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