Fedor vs. Todd Duffee

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POLL: Who takes it?
Fedor 83% (34)
Duffee 17% (7)
2/21/12 6:47:13PM
Rumor is this fight is happening.

Who do you have winning?
2/21/12 6:54:16PM
Fedor via destruction, he's way to fast for Duffee. His hand speed is ridiculous, and should have no problem in putting Todd away in the first.
2/21/12 7:53:19PM
Fedor by brutal KO. Russow basically knocked this dude out with a jab, imagine what an overhand right from Fedor will do to him.
2/21/12 8:43:45PM
Fedor smashes.
2/21/12 8:55:02PM
Fedor easily. I really hope this fight doesn't happen. It's a lose-lose for Fedor. He can smash this guy noprob, find a better heavyweight to give him to show how relevant he still is. I like Duffee too and theres no chance he wins it.
2/21/12 9:15:27PM
if barnett doesnt get into ufc, i hope him & fedor fight
2/21/12 10:15:00PM
when i first saw duffy, i thought he had a ton of potential, but that quickly changed. i think this fight is being put together more because theres nobody else for either fighter to fight. dufee will probably get KO'd even though i dont think fedor is that good anymore.
2/21/12 10:43:24PM
I remember when Duffee was all hype and being called the next big thing. some idiots (ie sherdoggers) even claimed he would smash Fedor...now here it is. Fedor via armbar

I wonder who picked Duffee
2/21/12 11:19:32PM

Posted by Bubbles

I wonder who picked Duffee

yeah, me too
2/21/12 11:52:06PM

Posted by Ordep

Posted by Bubbles

I wonder who picked Duffee

yeah, me too

Definitely wasn't me, but I have a guess.
2/22/12 12:11:25AM
I did by mistake
2/22/12 2:13:43AM
I feel Fedor will rock and then submit him.....underexperienced fighters should really not take a fight him. Fedor just has too many tools and unless there is a flash ko because his chin really is gone I see him winning easily here.
2/22/12 2:59:01AM
Hands down Fedor wins.
2/22/12 6:52:18AM
Paging Vadim: After Fedor smashes Todd, I would totally accept a fight with him for a half-way decent paycheck.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise a good fight, that I will be in shape, nor that I'll even show up to the event sober, but as long as you're booking fights with anyone I thought I would throw my name into the hat.
2/22/12 8:14:11AM

Posted by sbulldavid

I did by mistake

I also did by mistake...HA
Fedor via sub...any way he wants it.
2/22/12 11:42:31AM
Just make it a 2 on 1 handicapped match Fedor vs. Duffee and Lashley.
4/6/12 2:59:25AM
Fedor via destruction.
4/10/12 4:34:12AM
This fight makes zero sense. Fedor needs to drop his management and join the UFC or retire. Unless he can get fights with Sergei & Barnett. Those are fights I would love to see.
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