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7/18/08 5:59:10PM
cut stoppage. unless fedor can armbar sylvia before the ref stops the fight to look at the cut.

fedor cuts easier than anyone anyone in mma (his only weakness) and you know he will have to eat at least a few shots from slyvia in order to get inside for the takedown. So the only question about this fight is can he submit Tim (armbar, imo) before the fight is stopped from cuts.

personally i think he will get that armbar and end the fight within the first 2 min of round 1.

7/18/08 6:46:45PM
this is a big fight, imo one of the biggest fights in mma because if tim gets beat, randy vs tim and fedor vs tim will be the thing people are talkin about. and what i mean is if tim almost wins people are going to think randy will kill fedor so imo this fight will not stop by cut, that cut will need to be epic for it to be stopped
7/18/08 11:22:19PM
I could see that happening. Tim uses the jab well, and could open Fedor up. If it is stopped by a cut, it better be a bad, bad cut. The last thing Affliction would want is their main event to have contraversy attached to it, especially with it being Fedor.
7/18/08 11:44:20PM
This better not end by cut and better end by first round arm bar. Fedor will snap that metal plate Sylvia has in his arm, and it will be fantastic.
7/19/08 6:37:08PM
I have thought long about it and I absolutely can't stand the idea of Sylvia winning.

Tim Sylvia and Miletich, will be crushed by Fedor's tactical genius and submission game.
7/19/08 7:14:59PM
I'm really interested to see both guys game plans. I've been hearing awsome stories out of Holland about where Fedor is standing, and we all know where he is on the ground, and Tim impressed me against Nog. I think whats making me lean towards Fedor is his ability to get the fight where he needs it, how well he does when he stands with guys like Cro Cop, and how well Randy's clinch take downs worked against Tim, Fedor's are very similar. I do think this will be a great fight, Tim will not be steam rolled guys, and I don't think it will end with a cut! Although I've been wrong before.
7/19/08 7:31:22PM
Just becouse hes cut before doesn't mean hes going to cut with every shot he takes. I think he can take Tims shots for long enough until he can secure a takedown, then he'll find his sub.
7/20/08 12:26:31AM
makes no sense.

makes no sense at all.
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