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POLL: Is Fedor's Striking K-1 material?
yes, he would do great in K-1 52% (15)
no, it's not even close to K-1 level 48% (14)
8/18/07 7:59:54PM
Is Fedor's Striking K-1 Material?
8/18/07 8:09:32PM
Thats just like asking if Fedor can beat Danny Abbadi
8/18/07 8:25:38PM
I think so, shame we don't get to see more of it. Seems like everyone he fights wants to put him on the ground for some reason, even Hunt.
8/18/07 8:31:38PM
I would have to say negative.He is very sloppy imo.
8/18/07 8:45:24PM
I'd say no
8/18/07 9:41:47PM
Definitely not. He is very sloppy and not technical, which he makes work in MMA, but it would not work in K1. Then again, he is talented and if he kickboxed full time, dropped Sambo and all groundwork, he might be good enough to be a low-tier fighter. He got shook by some punches before, I think skilled kickboxers would kill him (imagine CC vs Fedor in K1...CC not worried about takedown!)
8/18/07 10:01:45PM
He has crazy speed and seems to have a good chin I think he could do pretty good, remember this is Fedor we're talking about.
8/18/07 10:05:31PM
Its Fedor people come on...... what isnt he good at?
8/18/07 11:00:07PM
if he were to fight at K-1, he would dedicate himself to more technical striking and learn alot more things, its not like he will prepare for a normal MMA fight, he will be ready and focused and defenately a very dangerous opponent to anybody when he comes to fight......
8/19/07 1:33:46AM
Everyone who voted yes is not only a blind bandwagon Fedor fan, but knows little to nothing abour K-1 and kickboxing in general...
8/19/07 1:57:31AM

Posted by richieb19

Everyone who voted yes is not only a blind bandwagon Fedor fan, but knows little to nothing abour K-1 and kickboxing in general...

Someone had to put it that way! K1 is a different animal, plain and simple.
8/19/07 3:17:54AM
You guys do know by fedor possibly signing with K-1 they mean Hero's not the K-1 kickboxing div. right? Because fedor would get demolished, could you imagine him against Bonjasky? Or Mirko when he can't take him down at all? Or Hoost? K-1 top fighters have fought in kickboxing their whole lives, fedor's winding punches would get him a Bonjasky flying knee.
8/19/07 6:55:08AM
8/19/07 7:51:44AM
No. Plain and simple.

Fedor is a very effective striker in MMA, when he chooses to strike. The 4oz gloves, combined with his whipping punch technique and massive hip torque afford him very powerful punches, just watch him hit Zulu, he dropped him in one shot!

However, the downside to his style means that he can't combo effectively, which is ok because in MMA a big single strike is often more damaging than a combo, hence why Fedor knocks people to the ground, whereas Nogueira just messes their face up. In K-1, with the much bigger gloves, aswell as much better striking defence, throwing massive bombs is often a poor game plan, comboing is essential to cause damage to your opponent, aswell as score points, and in 9 minute fights, KO's are harder to come by, so points are vey important.

Furthermore, I havnt seen too much of Fedor's striking defence, since its not often he gets into striking battles, but I'm willing to bet its not K-1 standard. The only fighters in MMA with K-1 standard striking defence I've seen are Mark Hunt and Cro Cop, and even they have deteriorated somewhat. MMA is such an expansive sport, there is so much to learn, that focusing completely on striking offense and defense just leaves a fighter unbalanced, MMA training detracts time from K-1 style striking training, and skills are just like muscles; if you dont work them enough, they wither and atrophy. Even though Cro Cop and Hunt havnt worked that much on the ground until now, they have worked on avoiding takedowns and getting back to their feet, but even training this can cause a decline in pure striking skill. If Fedor was in K-1, as soon as those combos started raining in, I doubt Fedor would be able to do anything to stop them. That is not, however, a criticism of Fedor; he has trained for years to be the top of the MMA game, which means learning MMA striking, grappling, submissions etc, he just hasnt had the time to focus on pure striking. Even Cro Cop and Hunt would need a tune up before getting back into the K-1 ring, though those two at least are imo still very capable of it.

Kicks are also a huge part of K-1, they have range over punches, score very highly and are immensely damaging. As a Thai boxer, I know, and anyone who trains MMA knows, that even blocking a head or body kick with your arms can be painful and is fatiuging. Even if you block it and stop it hitting your head, it still hurts you a bit and you can only block so many before one gets through. I've never seen Fedor's kicking. Yeah, I've seen him throw a few kicks to the legs of downed opponents, but I cant even recall seeing a low roundhouse kick, though Im sure he has somewhere, I just wont remember it, because the Thai low roundhouse is the bread and butter kick of MMA. Again, no criticising Fedor, as he is one of my favourite MMA fighters, but people who have only a punching game (even a really good one) don't last in K-1. Fedor most likely does not have a wide or effective arsenal of kicks, simply because he has probably never trained them, because most of them simply arent useful in MMA like they are in K-1. A solid kicking game is imo essential for K-1 success, Mark Hunt had a relatively basic kicking game, but he was a very short fighter, so he made up for it by being an amazing inside boxer. He got inside the range of the kicks and hammered people up close with huge punches, but he did have some kicks up his sleeve, and employed them when he saw nessacary. Fedor is too big to get inside imo, and would be kept at a distance and cut to bits by experienced strikers like Le Banner, Bonjasky and Schilt.

K-1 striking is imo an almost pure striking experience, though it has been geared to bring Muay Thai's effectiveness down (not allowing fighters to clinch for very long, not allowing elbows) so other striking disicplines had a chance too but Muay Thai still mostly comes out on top, whereas MMA striking is much less technical. I know some folks might get pissy about this comment but thats just how it is. Fedor couldnt hang in K-1, its a totally different beast.

So there it is, quite a read I must admit, but then K-1 is something I'm passionate about, it would be on a level with MMA for me, if it were more accessible in the UK.

I hope someone reads all that, because I think I pretty much covered why Fedor could never succeed in K-1 there
8/19/07 11:41:19PM

Posted by richieb19

Everyone who voted yes is not only a blind bandwagon Fedor fan, but knows little to nothing abour K-1 and kickboxing in general...

Thats not why i said yes. I thought the title said Cro Cop cause i must have saw it in a different thread. And i clicked yes because he started in K-1
8/20/07 1:05:06AM
Mastodon- I read it all and it was a great read.

I never knew your history but it makes sense that you do what you say you do because I've mostly found your posts to be insightful and on target. I couldn't have put this any better.

I don't think people who have never fought with boxing gloves vs. mma gloves really understand the difference they make. I also don't think anyone who has never been kicked by a kickboxer's leg kicks can really understand the kind of damage they do. I've never been a kickboxer (although I have fought them in stand up competitions) but I've always held great respect for the completeness of the striking game in kickboxing and the toughness that goes along with it.
6/23/08 1:42:55PM
It is definately not anywhere near that level. You have to remember mma is mixing alot of styles, he is going to look good striking if he is above average in it.

If Fedor was to step into the ring and only use his stand up, he would probably lose, these guys train specifically in them techniques, no way would he handle it.
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