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7/29/09 8:50:47PM
Dont wanna start anymore Fedor hysteria, or more rumors...

but I recieved a press release from EA Sports today about the new game. in it was the line "Prior to Emelianenko signing to Strikeforce, he was the WAMMA champion"

about 15 minutes later i received a second email, that said to disregard that line. that they do not know where Fedor will fight yet.

do they know something we dont know yet?

will it be announced on the 15th, and they are trying to keep it under wraps?

or is it an honest mistake...

definitely wasnt news worthy...but figured it could be posted here, for thoughts.
7/29/09 10:50:01PM
Sounds like this has the greatest chance. When listening to Strike radio, a MN mma radio show, Tj De Santis was asked the percent chance of Fedor signing with Strikeforce. He said, "Better than I want to tell you guys, I've heard some things off the record." Take it for what it's worth.

Here's the Link

It's about 35-40 minutes in.
7/29/09 11:53:43PM
I dont think strikeforce can afford him and co promoting with M1 is a bad idea. all they have to do is open the mma history book to know they would end up in some $$ trouble, M1 and Fedor would be laughing all the way to the bank.
7/30/09 6:36:42AM
EA definitely jumped the gun on their first press release. Not totally their fault though, they probably were very excited they got him for the game and, in a rush to put out the release, either overlooked some facts or simply misunderstood what was being announced. It happens sometimes.
If SF can manage to afford Fedor, it's clearly goingto make them #2. They've been open to co-promoting with others, which helps both SF and M-1. They put on good shows, boths ides may get to use talent they wouldn't get to otherwise, SF can run special attraction fights on M-1 Challenge events, and so on.
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