Fedor signs with new Pride

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4/2/07 1:02:47PM
I just saw on Sherdog an article that said Fedor just signed a long-term contract with the new Pride, but then later saw that it may be an April Fool's joke. Anybody know the truth?
4/2/07 2:57:44PM
I read the same thread, and it seems like it was just a joke... They were talking like 3 million a fight, and that is really high if you look at what even the premier fighters are getting paid today...

Also I read an interview with Dana, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Sakakibara (Interview is in a thread I put up earlier today) that stated Fedor was still under contract at Pride... But I guess I don't know for how long.
4/2/07 5:39:46PM
Yeah man its a Joke. I only caught on when it said he would be fighting for Cage Rage aswell as the UFC!
4/3/07 12:32:48AM
I think I remember a few months ago he signed a four fight extension with them.
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