Fedor signs long-term with Bodog, fights with Silva & Nog?

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3/26/07 1:15:23PM
source: fightopinion.com

Today’s Yomiuri Hochi newspaper has a report claiming that PRIDE Heavyweight champion Emelianenko Fedor has signed a long-term deal with Calvin Ayre’s BodogFight promotion. The initial thought was that Fedor’s match against Matt Lindland on 4/14 in St. Petersburg, Russia would be on an individual fight contract. However, the Japanese newspaper says that Fedor has signed a longer deal to stay with BodogFight. The paper also claims that Bodog is aiming to book fights for Fedor against Wanderlei Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

If the report is true, it makes complete and total sense on all levels. BodogFight is closely linked to MFC, which is linked to the Red Devil fight team. Red Devil’s main power source is Vadim Finkelstein (along with Holland manager Apy Echteld), who is Fedor’s backer. Additionally, UFC is not going to pay old PRIDE-level salaries to Silva or Nogueira.



3/26/07 1:21:59PM
I dont know what to think about Fed and Bodog. I'd like to see Fedor with UFC. It seems to be where all the competition is going to now days.
3/26/07 1:29:16PM
Oh great now we won't get to see cro crop vs fedor 2 :(

Oh well seems like Fedor will be fighting cans, or doing rematchs what a huge waste of talent.

I'm sure bodog won't have a huge HW division thats why I say this.
3/26/07 2:59:21PM
Bodog has to be hemorrhaging money at this point. And Fedor is wasting his prime fighting people who could never win their ways to him in a half decent org. It's getting silly now... he could be fighting Couture or CroCop as soon as the end of this year, but instead he's choosing to be a shark in a goldfish aquarium.
3/26/07 9:16:53PM
Isn't Fedor already wasting his talent by rarely fighting and even more rarely defending his title or fighting top competition? I realize nobody wants to jump off a bandwagon that stays unbeaten, but would ppl be so callous about any other champ not defending their title? Or at least fighting top competition? Wand always took crap from ppl about it. If the buyout is true, then we are goin to have 80% or more of all of the top fighters in every weight category working for the Fertitas. And the man who is supposed to be the Absolute King of MMA is going to just walk away to fight middleweights? That's BS to me.

Hell if the buyout happened and Fedor leaves for Bodog, I'll personally lead the drive to have him removed from #1 HW status for lack of proving it.

However I'm not stupid, if he is allowed he would run thru a unified HW category with a couple possible exceptions.
3/27/07 7:37:51PM
I just read on sherdog that hes stil stayin with pride.
3/28/07 9:28:14AM
wasting talent not fighting top competition? how about fighting big nog 3 times (top 2 or 3, depending on your rankings), cro cop once (top 2 or 3), hunt (arguably top 10), arona (top 10 middleweight), kohsaka (not top 10, but a top tier heavyweight), randleman, etc.? he fights better talent than UFC heavyweight champs, thats for sure. and he also is not pride's matchmaker, so he doesn't really have much say in who he fights. if he did, im sure hed be fighting the best on a regular basis.
3/28/07 10:21:49AM
Is Fedor getting greedy? I thought he was in this game for the sake of competition. If he doesn't fight a top 5 HW in 07 and CroCop continues to blast through the UFC he's losing the #1 spot in both the HW and the P4P category on my lists..

I'm really disappointed. He's my fav fighter god dammit.

3/28/07 11:02:32AM

He can't cruise on what he did in the past forever, with the way this sport changes you always need to be ready to prove yourself.

And Fedor does have some say on who he fights, he turned down Monson because he lost to Tim and wanted Matt because he's a Olympian.