Fedor vs. Rizzo In April?

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12/10/07 5:20:28PM
This from today's Wrestling Observer daily news update:

Monte Cox and the M-1 crew are in Dallas today in a closed-door meeting with Art of War to finalize a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Pedro Rizzo fight that would tentatively take place in Las Vegas in April. Money terms have been agreed and the meeting is to fnialize a deal and sign the contracts.

Viva Las Vegas!
12/10/07 10:45:23PM
I would love to see Rizzo pull this one out with a huge punch, and vicious leg kicks.
12/11/07 5:17:25AM
That will be a quick one.
12/11/07 6:07:10AM
Rizzo has a punchers chance, just like the next guy, but I can't see this going more than one round. At least he has nothing to lose taking the fight though. He either makes history as the man who beats Fedor, or gets another L on his record and moves on to a more managable fight.
12/11/07 9:45:57AM
And since he has nothing to lose maybe he'll come out swinging and try to put Fedor to sleep.
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