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1/24/07 3:26:18PM
Pride Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko is to become the first MMA fighter in Russian history to be granted an audience with a Russian President.

Fedor has been invited to the Kremlin on January 27th to receive an award for his considerable services to sport in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is himself a highly experienced Martial Artist who holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Judo and operates a Judo club in St Petersberg.

This is a huge honor for Fedor and true recognition for one of Russia’s most successful sportsman.
1/24/07 6:04:05PM
wow that crazy,

Fedor is a great champion, and I hope the fedor dynasty lasts a long time
1/24/07 6:37:47PM
Fedor over prez by GnP
1/26/07 3:56:40PM
I hope Fedor doesn't or hasn't pissed of Putin, he would end up dead like several other Russians lately.
1/26/07 4:06:13PM

Posted by hippysmacker

Fedor over prez by GnP

HAHAHAHA, lol....
1/26/07 4:28:01PM
i dunno about that.. putin is trained in some form of martial arts and was a covert kgb member.
1/26/07 5:05:22PM
WOW!! Damn, thats cool, kind of, I guess.... uhhh nevermind.
1/26/07 5:37:59PM
Putin by Polonium 210
1/26/07 11:24:16PM
fedor should be the russian president
1/27/07 7:56:53AM
Putin knows Sambo too so they should Sambo imo
1/27/07 10:31:19AM
Crazy didnt know Putin had a black belt. That wont Happen in many other countries.
1/27/07 10:32:57AM
oh yeah. PUTIN by Armbar!
1/27/07 11:26:18AM
Thats awesome!

Its great to see that MMA is being reconized in counries all over the world
1/27/07 11:54:27AM
Puti poo aint got nuthin on FEDOR
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