Fedor Online Q&A...Responds To Dana's Claim That UFC Fighters Are Better

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9/12/07 3:51:26PM

Here's an old online question and answer session that Fedor had in April. Even though it's a bit old, it hasn't been posted, and it's a really indepth q and a. He answers a lot of questions, talks about Randy Couture, Gonzaga's KO of CroCop, and also responds to Dana White's ridiculous claim that PRIDE fighters are "inferior" to UFC fighters because apparently they haven't performed well in the cage (I'm guessing that means CroCop), although two belt holders right now are former PRIDE fighters that could never gain the strap there. LOL. Anyways, it's a great read, it gives you a lot of insight on Fedor as a man, his training habits, what he thinks of a lot of fighters...and a lot more. Great read.
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9/12/07 4:27:48PM
it seems like they always ask fedor the same questions they do in all his interviews.
9/12/07 5:02:21PM
lol bro "they" were fans from russia who wrote in and asked any question on their mind. ive been following fedor for years, and a majority of these questions, especially about his family, dana white etc. have never been asked to him. its good to see a glimpse inside the man who is the best mma fighter of all time.
9/12/07 5:20:47PM
ya this is a couple months old.
9/12/07 5:44:57PM
really old
9/12/07 5:56:49PM
I remember seeing this link on mmaplayground a couple of months ago. Fedor does have a really nice website though.
9/12/07 9:53:45PM
I like this Fedor guy. Who is he?
9/13/07 12:19:49AM
I wish Fedor would just sign with someone already
9/13/07 1:10:24PM

Posted by nubby

I like this Fedor guy. Who is he?

not sure
9/13/07 8:24:40PM
never seen this, nice

"Q: Lindland admired your armbar in his last interview. He indicated that he has never seen it done that way before, and that it was an unusual way to do it. He said that he did not think he was in danger until he felt his arm straighten. What was it? Sambo? Jiu-jitsu? Catch wrestling? Something new?
A: That submission was standard, the implementation was mine. I blocked his arm by squeezing it very tightly with my legs."

fedor must be very strong

"Q: What's more important for you as a fighter: the ability to earn good money, or the worldwide popularity and fame of the best fighter in the heavyweight division and in all of MMA?
A: All of these factors are important for me. Remaining the best heavyweight fighter is the most important one."

this is very interesting

"Q: How did you like competing in Saint Petersburg? Was the support even remotely close to the Japanese 40,000 people shows?
A: I liked it a lot. Our audience is on par with the Japanese fans. We could feel that people in the audience weren't watching MMA for the first time, and that they understood what was going on in the ring. "Pride needed several years to get to that point in Japan.

if pride can do it, UFC is clearly on it's way
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