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7/5/07 2:11:18AM
i dont know but i think fedors first real loss will come in the UFC....1st off anybody can be beaten 2nd off just look what happend to cro cop...everyone though he was gonna dominate the heavyweight division but look what happnd he got KTFOed and i think that is the same thing that is gonna happen to fedor...dont get me wrong fedor is a great fighter i just dislike the fact that everyone thinks he is unbeatable well lemme tell you somethin theres a monster in the UFC heavyweight division named the natural RANDY FREAKIN COUTURE who i think will beat fedor due to GNP 2nd round......ive counted randy couture out way too many times to EVER count him out again.....for his first fight i say put him up against arlovski in a main event UFN card so all the "mainstream" fans get to know who fedor is but i dont like the fact that everyone thinks that fedor is unbeatable...its unbelievable
7/5/07 2:29:14AM
I disagree. The only man that I see as capable of beating Fedor is the Big Nog. As much as I like Couture, Fedor has no weaknesses that Couture can exploit.
7/5/07 2:31:19AM
I also think Fedor will lose... I love watching a underdog come in and just dominate the big guy... I wanna see this happen against fedor... i saw it happen to cro cop already... that was sweet... I just like watching the amazing guy lose and all of the excuses por out... its kinda funny for me... But yea i am on the underdogs side against fedor all the time. Fedor is a monster but he will be stopped.. Randy will beat him, maybe someone else to, u never no.
7/5/07 2:55:34AM
Wow this forum is getting worse and worse by the day. Can you guys name 1 area in which Randy is better than Fedor?
7/5/07 3:00:39AM
Yes, anyone can be beaten, even Fedor, but I doubt it . Couture is my favorite fighter, but I still don't give him much chance against Fedor. Fedor will only be better in a cage IMO. There will be no more restarts from rope problems when he's pummeling someone . He already has the best GnP I've ever seen. Add elbows to his GnP, I think it's bad for all other fighter's. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I think Fedor will retire undefeated in the next 3 years. Fedor stated he only got into MMA because he needed money, by then he will be rich by American standards and ridiculously wealthy by Russia's. I think the best chances of anyone beating Fedor are as follows

1. Injury-Either a freak serious injury in the match he would lose in( Shogun/Coleman) ,or he takes a fight with a pre-existing injury( like against Hunt)and either re injures it during or it causes him to fight a game plan he normally wouldn't. Or he has a serious injury ( like Mir) and returns and is not the same. he has broken hyis hand multiple times now, Something to consider.

2. He gets bored- Highly unlikely considering the mental state he has shown thus far. However, he could conceivably beat everyone thrown against him get overconfident , or not train as hard as he used to.

3. Age- he doesn't retire when he's beaten everybody and hangs on till he has diminished enough physically to the point he is not the same fighter.

4. Comebacks- He retires the man and comes back after some new guy some people will claim is better. Either his pride , the wish for Huge paydays , boredom, or his need for competition brings him back and he's not the same.This happens in boxing all the time.

5. Bad stoppage or cut- His only official loss, although I don't think it should count as one, is by an a cut caused by a illegal strike in the first 30 seconds of a fight. It should have been a No-contest IMO, like his second fight with Big Nog. However, it was a tournament, and they had to send someone on I guess, and he avenged himself on TK later.
Bad quick stoppage by a ref could happen also. we have seen a lot of these in the last 3 years especially.
7/5/07 3:35:55AM
the only way he loses is if someone cuts him above his eye like during gnp with elbows
7/5/07 3:54:08AM
Anything is possible look at Crocop and Gsp but its unlikely i think the people who have a chance are Crocop maybe a 20% chance by tko.....Kongo maybe a 10% chance by tko......Arvloski maybe a 35% chance by tko....Vera a 45% chance by submission and same with big nog.Couture a 50% its captain america plain and simple.
7/5/07 5:06:05AM
it was an elbow I'm pretty sure not a headbutt, and of course elbows were illegal in RINGS as they are in the majority of leagues outside of north america.

The difference between fedor and crocop is that crocop had several previous losses and a very huge and obvious hole in his game. People have seen what it takes to beat crocop on his feet and are well aware of the fact that he has virtually no groundgame outside of his defense. No one thought CroCop was unbeatable... at least not anyone who has watched a decent amount of his fights. Fedor doesn't have the same problem. The reason people think he's unbeatable is because no one has come anywhere close to beating him. We have all watched him eat shots that would knock 99.9% of people out stone cold, we have watched him get spiked on the top of his head from over 6 feet in the air and transition directly into a kimura without skipping a beat, watched him dominate the standup against the people we thought were the best strikers in the world and dominate the ground against the best bjj practitioners in the world, as well as overcome massive reach, height, and weight advantages. On top of the fact that there seems to be no clear weakness in his game, he is hands down the best gameplanner in the sport - better even than couture. He has a different method every time he steps into the ring.

If you can honestly tell me by watching both of these fighters fight that you believe randy would end up on top long enough to GnP fedor without accidentally letting him pull some ridiculous armbar from guard like coleman did you're insane. You're right, no fighter is unbeatable, but right now there is not a single opponent that appears to have the skill in any department to pose a very serious threat to him, and I think barring stoppage due to a cut that he won't lose unless someone new and amazing prospect comes to the sport.

If anyone is left that can beat him I would put my money on barnett or POSSIBLY crocop if he can get back to 100%... quite frankly though he was at his best the last time they fought, and fedor just chased him all around the ring. The cage and addition of elbows will only benefit him as a result of his style. I only see him getting better in the near future. I would say anyone has a puncher's chance but I just don't know if that's true after watching the hits he has taken in the past.
7/5/07 6:19:29AM
I dont understand why a lot of ppl want to see Fedor lose. He's one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport and such a respectful guy. He's a small heavyweight who dominated a division full of huge guys. Has lots of heart and skill.....it's weird that a lot of ppl root against him. oh well w.e. Everyone loves the underdog these days.
7/5/07 7:23:40AM
People love to hate Fedor because he is so unstoppable, and they will find it tough when he eventually dominates, or has already destroyed the fighter they fanboy all the time.

Fedor wont be stopped unless it is via the methods that Hippysmacker mentioned; cuts, bad decisions or himself getting lazy. I think the chances of him being outright beaten by another fighter are remote, the only two guys I'd really give a chance are Cro Cop, because with the most powerful LHK in the world, anything can happen, and Nogueira, because he is the only guy with Bjj, and the strength to slip some crazy submission onto Fedor as they are scrapping, but even then I think both scenarios are unlikely.
7/5/07 7:43:52AM
We have all learned that anyone can lose at anytime. I think that when fedor does lose, ti will be on the account of him doing something stupid, not him being beaten by superior talent.
7/5/07 8:40:48AM
On any given Saturday night...... Other then Rocky Marcino, who, in the fight game went undefeated? There are to many ways to lost in MMA. And when you choose to stand and bang anything can happen. Ask Chuck. Ask Lil Nog. Ask Wandy. Ask Cro Cop. Ask GSP.

Hell, Fujita had Fedor stumbling and bumbling, but couldn't finish him. If that was someone who knew how to finish a fight, game over. Fedor is going to lose to someone who has a decent stand up game and a great ground game. Someone who can take Fedor down, get on top and control the fight. Someone who will outweigh him by 25 to 30 pounds.

Someone along the lines of Ricco or Josh. I'm not saying they will beat him, but someone built like them. To beat Fedor they will have to be agressive in clinching and getting the fight down. Get on top and just work. Force Fedor to expend energy defending. I know it's easier said then done, but who has really pushed Fedor? Made him work?
7/5/07 10:04:46AM

Posted by hippysmacker

5. Bad stoppage or cut- His only official loss, although I don't think it should count as one, is by an a cut caused by a illegal head butt in the first 30 seconds of a fight.

Looked more like an accidental headbutt to me! And lo, was that a way to "finish" that Grand Prix!
7/5/07 10:17:55AM
The fans and the experts are not the only people saying that Fedor is seemingly unbeatable and has no holes in his game, fighters are saying this all the time. I have heard guys from Rampage to Wanderlei say these comments. Fedor may lose but not to anyone that is a top contender at the moment.
7/5/07 10:39:35AM
First off, you can go about it anyway in statistically saying Fedor is due for a loss, but the fact is, he's unbelievably dominant against the world's best fighters. He has next to zero holes in his MMA game. Let's go through a list.

Fedor has been the Sambo World Champion 3 times, and won various championships in Sambo 9 times in his career. His submissions are world-renowned not only in the PRIDE/UFC world, but also in the MMA world as a whole, including strictly grappling MMA. He is also revered as a people's champion, much like Couture is sometimes said to be. I find it odd that people can be blind enough to suggest Couture could possibly beat Fedor. And I also find it odd that Couture is considered a MMA legend.

Couture's legendary status is strictly UFC in my eyes. He's lost 8 fights professionally. He beat Vitor Belfort a couple of times, and then went through some UFC elite fighters, but he still lost to Josh Barnett, Liddell, and Belfort.
15-8 professionally isn't close to a perfect MMA record that Fedor holds. Fedor is 27-1-1, but really, he's 28-0-1. The 1 loss was a DQ elbow in which the other opponent was DQ'd out of the tournament, but Fedor's cut was so bad, he wasn't allowed to continue, so they let the other guy go on. So we are talking about an undefeated fighter in 29 fights vs. a 15-8 fighter. Come on!

Also, referencing CroCop as a source of PRIDE fighters possibly losing the UFC is ridiculous considering CroCop did not train in the Octagon, did not adapt to the elbows. Fedor has already stated he's been doing so for the last several months. CroCop, imo, will most likely come back with a killer instinct and dominate.

If he gets a 6-8 fight contract, nobody will beat him within that contract. Even if he gets caught, go watch the Mark Hunt vs. Fedor fight. Or the Randleman fight where Fedor gets dropped on his head and still managed to submit Randleman. He will still recover and still fall back on his Sambo to take someone out within minutes.

He is a joy to watch, and a very good ambassador to the sport. He's a class act much like Couture is.
7/5/07 12:42:35PM
I dont get this. I know Fedor is an amazing fighter but why does everyone still say hes undefeated? Even though it was a bad call, Fedor still lost. Ive seen fights where someone lands an illegal knee and then all the ref does is takes a point away. The cut was that bad that even though it was illegal Fedor couldn't continue, so them takeing a point away wouldnt even matter. A loss is a loss , some people need to just get over that.
7/5/07 12:58:22PM
Because the tournament rules stated that in the case of an illegal blow, the fighter committing the foul would be disqualified. It wasn't a normal tournament layout. There were no points being taken away. The organizers made infractions disqualifications.

Since the illegal elbow stopped the fight, it was already said that Fedor would be declared winner due to DQ, but since he could not continue to the next round due to the severity of the cut, his opponent moved on in order to keep the brackets correct.

In your rationalization, you are stating that if someone went into the ring and began violently kicking someone in the groin, that the fighter doing so would win if the fighter being kicked in the groin could not take it. Absolute absurdity don't ya think. There are rules to be followed, otherwise it'd be Ultimate Street Fighting Championships.
7/5/07 1:13:15PM
I dont kno i mean Fedor may find sum difficulties in being in a cage instead of a ring but i think that might be his only downfall. I honestly don't see anyone in the pre-UFC Pride merge that could win against Fedor. Even Randy i don't think could beat him as Fedor is too well rounded in everything. Nog might be able to take him in the future but no one in the UFC. So i think until Fedor gets older hes gonna be pretty dominate. However everyone has a bad night so who knows.
7/5/07 1:24:01PM
I dont think kicking someone in the nuts is the same as an elbow, because some people are so used to using elbows they forget in competition to not use them. It is what they are used to. I dont think someone in the fight game would be used to kicking someone in the groin, so they wouldnt have to worry about that. I am sayin that usually when an illegal elbow happens it is a point off. I didnt know that it would be an immediate DQ.
7/5/07 1:49:01PM
of course fedor will lose ....eventually, i dont think he will retire without losing. but the real question is who will he lose to. i dont know because he is a favorite to any name you throw out there. i too have counted randy out too many times and if he fights fedor i will count him out again.
7/5/07 2:26:32PM
Fedor will lose in the UFC eventually, but putting him on an UFN card? Never. I think Fedor needs to watch out for Big Nog, possibly CroCop and even less likely then CroCop is Couture. Fedor is just a super-version of Couture, so I don't see how Couture could beat him. Of course it can happen, but I don't think it will.
7/5/07 2:59:38PM
alls im saying is that anyone can be beaten any way???? who was expecting MAtt serra to KO GSP....nobody on this whole freaking planet...well it happened and i think couture is a smarter fighter than fedor and i doubt fedor will even come close to taking randy down the only way fedor wins that fight is by submission but i honestly think randy can sit there and trade punches with fedor imean he did it with sylvia....dont get me wrong i like fedor i just think randy will be to much for him.....this fight needs to happen soon because randy is getting pretty old...but either way who thinks thisll be a kick ass fight wheter fedor wins or not?
7/5/07 4:17:13PM
Don't look at it from the perspective of someone beating him because they are superior. All it takes is for someone like Randy to put him on the ground and push him into a corner and beat on him until a ref calls the fight. I understand Fedor is just as awesome a grappler as the best in the world but unlike Pride, in the UFC if you get pushed up against a fence (edge of ring) you don't get a restart. Fedor will have to be perfect to prevent that from happening and something tells me Randy is just the guy to push Fedor into that mistake. Fedor is smart and so is Randy. In my eyes that means it can easily go either way. Randy isn't the best submission artist, he can lose to an armbar or a leg lock just like anyone else, but I have a feeling that if he can get past GG, he will beat Fedor and retire. BTW I don't want Fedor to lose, I want Randy to win.
7/5/07 4:50:29PM
If fedor comes to ufc I don't think he'll lose. theres always a chance that he could but I don't see it happening. I mean he destroyed everyone in pride. He fought guys in pride that are bigger and stronger than the ufc HWs. I don't understand why people want him to lose. IMO couture wouldn't last 1 round with fedor
7/5/07 5:40:00PM

Don't look at it from the perspective of someone beating him because they are superior. All it takes is for someone like Randy to put him on the ground and push him into a corner and beat on him until a ref calls the fight.

I'm sorry but the only way one fighter takes another fighter down, push them into a corner, and beat them into a stoppage is if that fighter is a superior fighter. That's not something that happens as a result of luck or random chance. If that's how he loses he will simply have been outskilled. I don't think you can draw comparisons to the GSP fight because we've never really seen GSP get his chin tested, whereas fedor has taken some of the most brutal punishment I've seen a fighter take and the closest he's ever come to showing vulnerability is stumbling for about 2 seconds before regaining his composure. He didn't even fall back after eating that shot, he went straight for the clinch to close the punching distance, meaning he was obviously still completely coherent.

Only way I see him losing is a cut, because he does seem to cut relatively easily and elbows are the best way to open a cut. Actually I think Gonzaga has a WAY better chance to beat him than couture does, and I doubt that either of them can do it.
7/5/07 5:57:43PM
At this moment in time I just don't see any UFC heavyweight beating Fedor. He is just so well rounded and dominate. His ground and pound is vicious also and I can see the cage working towards his advantage.
7/5/07 6:12:02PM
fedor vs. chuck. that would be a fight. i dunno if fedor could handle chucks power of sprawl........u never know though. it would be a good one.

also, i think fedor vs. sylvia would be a great fight. i think fedor would have a lot of trouble with big tim. i know randy just went in there and beat him, but i think randy was in tim's head. in a rematch i think we would see a very different sylvia.
7/5/07 8:26:31PM
I'm pretty confident that Fedor could take him down... Good Judo is the best counter for a good sprawl IMO.
7/5/07 9:08:05PM

Posted by Bass

fedor vs. chuck. that would be a fight. i dunno if fedor could handle chucks power of sprawl........u never know though. it would be a good one.

also, i think fedor vs. sylvia would be a great fight. i think fedor would have a lot of trouble with big tim. i know randy just went in there and beat him, but i think randy was in tim's head. in a rematch i think we would see a very different sylvia.

Fedor took Mirko's head kicks, a head drop by randleman...Chuck could not beat Fedor...no chance. Mirko, Big Nog and Barnett have the best chance to beat fedor.
7/5/07 10:00:20PM
I really dont think Couture is a smarter fighter than Fedor, although they may be at the same level in that aspect. If u watch his game plans vs. Nog and cro cop and the way he survived the haymaker to the temple by fujita, you can see that he is undoubtedly one of the smartest fighters out there. Ppl knock on Fujita for not finishing him but I think its more of a testament to Fedor's instincts and skills to clinch up and close the distance immediately when rocked like that. Exact same thing happened to GSP against Serra but GSP did the wrong move and it cost him his belt. I'm not saying Fedor is unbeatable, I really dont think he is, i can see couture beating him with a cut or CC knocking him out, but when it comes to skill, and mentality, he is without equal. Plus he's just a nice guy. I like rooting for nice guys. which makes it even harder to watch a potential fedor/couture matchup
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