Will Fedor join the UFC? Who knows.

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7/29/09 8:41:34AM
Friday could be the day dreams come true for millions of MMA fans.

UFC President Dana White is holding a conference call that day, and from various reports, the most powerful man in mixed martial arts will be making some kind of a huge announcement.

According to a report on the Los Angeles Times' Web site Tuesday, Fedor Emelianenko agreed to a deal with the UFC. However, Emelianenko's promotion company — M-1 Global — denied that, according to another report.

7/29/09 10:50:09AM
i heard from a friend that would know, that its a done deal, he will be fighting Brock, in late sept at 103. Guess we will see Friday though, i hope so i want Fefor to crush Brock, and then get crushed by Carwin!.
7/29/09 12:40:31PM
Hope this is true. But you know how it has gone with Fedor and the UFC before. Don't want to get my hopes up.
7/29/09 2:11:59PM
I can't wait for Friday. If the big announcement is Fedor coming to the UFC, then this is going to be very big for the sport.
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