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6/12/08 6:36:18PM
Are fighters born or made?

Fighters are made. There is a predisposition for it in one’s character, but I think you need to become a fighter.

Is there a difference between a fighter who grew up on the street and then came to the gym - and a man from a successful family, who was brought in by his father, and then started training?

It’s tough to say. I do think that children from either family can achieve great results. What’s probably more important is a child’s upbringing. Not in which conditions he lives in, but how he is brought up. The street doesn’t always harden a young guy, girl, or child; sometimes the opposite. We need to take the children away from the streets.
At the same time if a child lives not feeling a need in anything, and doesn’t have goals, interests, doesn’t go to the gym, or anywhere else - his character will rot. But if a child is busy training, that’s a whole other story. I would wish that there was mentoring at home and at the gym.LINK
6/12/08 8:49:08PM
good interview, how can people not like this guy?
6/12/08 8:55:47PM

Posted by Pookie

good interview, how can people not like this guy?

People will always hate on the guy whos on top. seems the same for almost every sport.
6/12/08 9:27:18PM
Old interview, I don't know how old but not new.
6/23/08 6:52:38PM
yea I read this one a couple of weeks ago.. still it is a good one... but it is old...
6/23/08 11:24:37PM
IMO Fedor is the best kind of fighter. Soft spoken, seems like a nice guy. Seems like the kinda guy you could get a beer with, get p*ss A*s wasted, start Sh*t with EVERY guy in the bar, and he'd still have your back. ;)
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