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9/27/07 2:19:01PM
Q: How is your training going, and how did you spend the two month after your visited Saint Petersburg

A: The training is as usual, there is a lot of boxing, a lot of wrestling. Last two month I spent in Staryi Oskol (Fyodor’s hometown), we held a training camp there. Most Red Devil team members were there as well.

9/27/07 4:28:26PM
I personally get pissed off at him mainly because he's not fighting, and not signing a ufc contract.. but then i see an interview like this and i'm just pissed off at his management.

9/27/07 5:49:42PM
Good interview,i like how he has so much respect for randy. i look forward to that fight more than any other.
9/28/07 8:39:25AM
I hate to say it because Randy is unreal, but I really wouldn't want to see this fight because I really don't see how Randy could win. He has proven many people wrong before, but right now it is hard to see anyone beating Fedor.
9/28/07 10:01:38AM
It is Fedor's birthday today
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