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6/26/10 2:38:08PM
It seems in some of his matches, Fedor Emelianenko seems invincible and untouchable in his prime. Spanning a streak of over 25 wins so far, he had dominated the entire heavyweight division. With fighters such as Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria, Tim Sylvia, Mirko Cro Cop and Andrei Arlovski, they have all been beaten by Fedor whether it was a knockout, submission or decision.

Many people believe that Andrei Arlovski has the potential to beat Fedor. I disagree. I have no doubt that Arlovski has tremendous speed for a heavyweight but as you can see, Fedor already them wrong. So do you think Arlovski should get a second chance? Or who else do you think would have the meer potential to finally defeat possibly one of the greatest pound for pound fighters in the sport of MMA.

Give me your suggestions or opinions.

6/26/10 2:51:31PM
I don' t think any of his beaten opponents should get a second chance when there are other prime candidates out there that he hasn't fought.The only exception might have been Cro Cop, but given his performances as of late, there is no way.

So the answer to your question is no IMO.
6/26/10 2:56:10PM
He's not indestructible. No man is.
But Fedor has proven to be the most consistant HW the sport has ever seen.
From his own generation,he's pretty much cleaned the entire division.
The debate over Fedor now and the UFC is about how well he would fair mainly against the new generation of HW's the sport has produced.

Not many people have sat down and really contemplated on how awesome that really is.

As for AA. A rematch would be interesting but AA has shown decline since fighting Fedor (but what fighter really hasn't?)
6/26/10 3:31:52PM
With fighter like GSP, Anderson, and BJ, those three completely shut an opponents game down. And what Fedor does is allow his opponents to get comfortable and play their game, and he beat them there. He is amazing! But I think you could beat him, maybe with a machine gun during his breakfast...when he's still kind of tired.
6/26/10 9:45:50PM
i sincerely believe that out of all the fighters that fador can fight (excluding all ufc fighters of coarse) alistair overeem would no doubt be the one to put a whooping on the last emperor. i think overeem looked incredible against rogers, a fighter that IMO gave fedor a serious problem. not to mention that AA was right there with fedor until the big punch and rogers ate AA alive. i think alistair's a huge threat for everybody including the UFC fighters if those fights were possible. with his K1 experience i would say hes got fedor in the striking category, and i think overeems got sick submissions as well as devastating GnP. hes a much larger fighter than fedor, so was rogers but you cant even begin to compare rogers athleticism to overeem's. if this fight were to happen i would have to go with OVEREEM by KO.
6/27/10 2:34:47AM
I guess we all just found out how destructible Fedor is now. But he made a mistake against Werdum. But, man! What a disappointment..
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6/27/10 2:28:51PM
You jinxed Fedor!!!
6/27/10 11:20:28PM
Haha, Maaaaaaaaaan. The Irony........

Anderson Silva is my favorite fighter.

Please do not post a similar thread before his fight at UFC 117

Thank you
6/28/10 1:37:40PM

Posted by ChokeUout

Haha, Maaaaaaaaaan. The Irony........

Anderson Silva is my favorite fighter.

Please do not post a similar thread before his fight at UFC 117

Thank you

6/28/10 2:35:55PM
Haha! Well I'm sure not to jinx Silva. EVEN though it would be great for Chael Sonnen to pull off a win. But Silva is a couple notches better than Sonnen.

Now this is the main thing I'm gonna put out right now.
The events that unfolded at Fedor vs Werdum put Strikeforce in a sticky situation.

People want a rematch.
Werdum is suppost to face Overeem.
That match won't make much money or publicity.
Everyone wanted Fedor vs Overeem.
It won't make sense for a rematch and Fedor wins before Overeem match.

This is kind of like the Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell controversy when Keith Jardine beat Liddell(i.e almost like Werdum beating Fedor)

And cost Fedor(or Chuck o_O) their greatest matchup ever.

Just wanted to put that out there!

6/28/10 3:18:49PM
Strikeforce needs to not worry about whether Fedor is fighting for their title or whether the two fighters who are in there are going to pull fans.

They've built themselves up a pretty entertaining stable of fighters. It's time to grow the F up and start letting the fights do the talking for the promotion. When was the last time we saw a boring Overeem fight? When was the last time we saw a boring Mousasi fight? When was the last time we saw a boring Fedor fight? When was the last time we saw a boring Rogers fight? They've got some exciting fighters and they need to start letting the fights do the talking.
6/28/10 3:36:16PM
the last boring mousasi fight was against king mo. just saying...

youre right though, the way the fights pan out should determine future fights. werdum earned his title shot.
6/28/10 3:41:03PM

Posted by cowcatcher

the last boring mousasi fight was against king mo. just saying...

Haha I didn't think that fight was boring as a result of Mousasi's actions, though Notice King Mo wasn't on my list lol
6/28/10 3:43:56PM
its funny because king mo can be exciting, but in a fight he knew he had to be smart to win, he did just that and fought smart. the more i hear mo talk the more i think that in terms of fight smarts, he is one of the brighter young guys i have seen in awhile. he knows W's = dollars and he just keeps on winning.
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