Who do u want Fedor to fight first?

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6/22/07 12:35:40AM
6/22/07 12:41:09AM
winner of gonzaga and couture
6/22/07 12:49:05AM
Vera... then a title fight when he woops his ass.
6/22/07 1:05:47AM
Josh Barnett.
6/22/07 1:34:07AM
Sylvia at UFC 74. Or perhaps arlovski at UFC 75.
6/22/07 2:15:21AM
If Pride stays open( I hope) then Barnett, with a unification fight later in the year.If Pride's done, winner of Couture /Gonzaga.
6/22/07 2:40:27AM
I Would like to see him get a shot at the title right away. Winner of Couture/GG

If he has to fight a warm up fight I would love to see him vs. Sylvia
6/22/07 2:51:49AM
assuerio silva
tim sylvia
title shot.

6/22/07 3:29:49AM
i'd like to see him and sylvia and then assuming he wins,(which i think he will) have him fight the ufc champ
6/22/07 3:31:35AM
Pe Da Pono (haha)
Cro Cop
Title shot
6/22/07 3:34:01AM
whoever the UFC HW champ is should be his first fight....only fitting considering he is the pride champ.
6/22/07 4:03:13AM
actually I would kind of like to see him beat up tim sylvia myself. As far as actual good matchups I'd like to see him fight Barnett like hippysmacker said, although I hope that could happen regardless of whether PRIDE folds or not. It's more likely he'll just go straight to whoever is holding the belt though, the same way hendo is.
6/22/07 4:13:08AM
Gabriel Gonzaga, but before, Arlovski.
6/22/07 7:44:38AM
Big Nog.
Then the winner of Kongo/CroCop
Then the winner of Gonzaga/Randy.

The timing is a bit off for those match-ups, but that would be sweet.

6/22/07 7:54:52AM
Crocop, Kongo, Arlovski, and I wanna see him rape Sylvia, and it goes on...
6/22/07 8:04:32AM
Immediate Title fight .
I would prefer gonzaga, then Crocop & minotauro .
6/22/07 8:23:27AM
I'd like a rematch with Heath Herring. Herring always brings it and it would definately showcase Fedors skills to the ufc fans..
6/22/07 8:33:01AM
6/22/07 8:38:15AM

Posted by Stickan

I'd like a rematch with Heath Herring. Herring always brings it and it would definately showcase Fedors skills to the ufc fans..

He really brought when he fought Jake O'brien
6/22/07 9:31:10AM
I really don't care what happens as long as we get to see Mirko Cro Cop v fedor part 2, maybe part 3 and part 4.
6/22/07 9:43:18AM
I'd love to see Fedor/Mirko 2 obviously.
I reckon they'll have him fight the UFC heavyweight champ ala Hendo/Page, which could mean Fedor vs. Randy, i would love to see that fight.
6/22/07 9:52:49AM
LOL, it's a slap in the face by the UFC if Fedor doesn't immediately get a title shot. Fedor will fight the current title holder if he comes to the UFC, hands down. There is no need seeing him destroy fighters like Assuerio "Boring" Silva.

UFC is most likely going to try to throw CroCop at him if Mirko has success. The rematch would headline the hell out of anything going on in the MMA world at the moment.

Fact is, he dominated Big Nog like a little kid. Mirko vs. Fedor was an unbelievable fight, but Fedor controlled all 3 rounds with the GnP. Herring would probably get submitted in the 1st round without breaking a sweat. I think a Barnett matchup would be ideal as well. Two submission fighters, would be fun.

I forsee Syliva retiring if Fedor comes, lol, he's already dodged him once. I don't see Sylvia getting far in HW anyways.
6/22/07 10:26:49AM
I'm guessing Tim Sylvia or Vera. Depends if Sylvia fightsa MIr this fall.
6/22/07 10:30:09AM
if hendo gets an immidiate title fight, then why wouldn't fedor get one?
6/22/07 10:57:32AM
the hendo reference is a good one, theres no reason to have fedor fight anyone but the champion in his ufc debut. i really wanted to see him and barnett, but i guess that wont happen now just because of barnetts statements about ufc in the past. couture and fedor is a fight i want to see, i see it be a close matchup stylistically, and if fedor were to win and CC gets past kongo finally CC/fedor 2 should happen and thats the biggest fight you can put together in mma(except maybe chuck/wandy but thats lost some appeal with some people)
6/22/07 11:02:48AM
If he fights the winner of Randy/GG then that would mean the fight wouldn't be until Nov/Dec at best that is a long lay off between fights
6/22/07 12:00:15PM
Based on what they are doing with Henderson, he should fight the winner of GG/Couture.
6/22/07 12:03:32PM
Fedor has stated that Couture is one of his MMA idols. But the fact is, I think Fedor would submit Couture inside 3 minutes.

CroCop is a different situation. Fedor comes in, takes the belt, but CroCop has been saying he will retire after his fights are up. Would the UFC risk the belt possibly being taken by CC and then retiring, setting up a possible vacant championship spot? Doubt it. UFC hates to do that, and it's happened in other divisions with fighters signing with different organizations.

6/22/07 12:17:20PM
fedor should get the loser of couture/gonzaga. i dont think he should get an imediate title shot. he should fight at least once before. sylvia would be a good match up as well. cro cop would be unreal but i dont think would happen right of th bat.
6/22/07 12:23:54PM

Posted by thepunisher

Posted by Stickan

I'd like a rematch with Heath Herring. Herring always brings it and it would definately showcase Fedors skills to the ufc fans..

He really brought when he fought Jake O'brien

It wasent Heaths Fault What Could you do if you had a 265+ guy on top of you doing nothing but lay and pray. you must not have see heath's pride fights go back and watch them then tell me he is boring. i dont know how much he would bring out fedors skills because there aint many people in MMA all together that will bring out fedors skills thats for sure
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