Fedor Emelianenko Turns Down Three-Fight UFC Contract

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7/30/09 4:16:04PM
Fedor Emelianenko said on Wednesday that he does not intend to sign a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship unless the UFC agrees to promote fights jointly with Emelianenko's promoter, M-1 Global. Since then, several Web sites have reported that Emelianenko had turned down a six-fight contract with the UFC worth $30 million.

7/30/09 4:56:01PM
Damn M-1
7/30/09 5:03:11PM
damn Fedor for not getting new management, step up to the plate and bat for yourself.
7/30/09 5:18:47PM

It simple. If Fedor wins and the PPV sales stay high, he makes the cash reported. I see no reason to think the PPV sales won't at least stay at current levels ,since they keep going up. If Fedor keeps winning, he keeps getting richer, and this is only if PPV sales stay at current levels. UFc 100 did over 1.5 million PPv buys. I really think with the UFC's promotional machine behind it, a Fedor/Lesanr headlined card could break the 2 million barrier. Dave meltzer reported the initial offer. He is fair and impartial by anyone's reckoning, and he would not have reported it without documentation. That means a look at the contract offered ,and then he would report what he thought it would come to. This is the guy who found out what the UFC's actual PPV sales were, what some of the highly payed fighters actually received,and also proved that Randy was wrong in reporting what his actual earnings were when he was in a contract dispute with them. Meltzer has no axe to grind, and I have followed his information from prowrestling, and then MMA for almost 10 years. I repeat- In all the time I have subscribed to the wrestling observer newsletter he puts out, he has he has never been wrong yet. Award winning journalist Frank Deford of SI said Meltzer is " the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism" . I will take his word anyday, especially over a guy like Vadim. If the guarantee is 1.5 million , but Fedor will still make 5 million a fight on his paycheck with PPv bonuses , I don't care. If only 3 fights are guaranteed, because Fedor needs to win , i don't care. Does anyone really think that Fedor would lose to Brock, Couture,and Mir? If he did would I be mad they cut him? I wouldn't. I think Fedor would wup all 3, but there is a reason they actually have to fight . You never know. If M-1 wants him to tarnish his legacy, and not fight the people the fans want him to fight, they are doing a great job of it. I will not pay one cent to see Fedor fight now. Yes, i will watch it, if its on free TV, or I am sure i can find it on the net somewhere. But I am boycotting anything that helps M-1 perpetuate this insanity. They won't get a cent from me.

7/30/09 6:14:52PM
Ive been a fan of fedors for a while now, But honestly I just don't care if he fights in the ufc, or anywhere anymore. There are pleanty of other fights to watch. It's a shame to see so much talent wasted.
7/30/09 9:16:45PM
Fed up with it, UFC offered more then they should have ever offered. They have been more then lenient, with allowing him to fight sambo combats and offering M-1 part of the PPV monies which is straight profit since they don't have to put up any costs. I'm sorry but I can't take Fedor serious anymore, if he don't take this offer, which benefits everyone then he is not worth anyones time. Fedors likely fights will be Brock, Randy and Mir/Cro Crop and I think Fedor doesn't want to be trapped in a cage with Brock and I think Randy will work him in in the cage, I believe Mir would put up more of a challenge then anyone in affliction did, still not sure about cro crop in the cage. Flame me if you want I dn't care it's an opinion forum and I think he is afraid of the competition now
7/30/09 10:46:15PM
cut him lose, move on to other fighters, ufc doesn't need m-1 global but with afflication gone m1 global needs to co promote
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