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8/3/09 7:50:10PM

Posted by EliasG

The "he's scared to fight Lesnar" argument doesn't make any sense. It's far too simplistic. League sports are a bit difficult to compare but let's compare it to boxing. In boxing there are promoters that put on shows too. Let's say Don King had some of the best fighters in the world in his camp. He'd control the matchups, he'd control the revenue, he'd control the promotion, and of course, he'd control your pay.

Let's say, you have your OWN promotional company so that you can share in greater revenues, but also have greater say in all the rest of the negotiations, promotion, and who you get to fight. But Don King tells you that you have to sign an exclusive deal with him and he'll pay you well, but you have to walk away from your company.

There is NO benefit other than the AMAZING privilege of fighting on someone else's promtion. "Oh thank you master white for being so benevolent."

He can cross promote, build his own brand, share in the divedends of the company he owns, and be free in a few years to sign with the UFC or cross promote a fight with them.

First of all, I don't even understand how M-1 can be mentioned in the same sentence as Don King or Golden Boy...as far as fighter promotions are concerned. Not to mention, UFC's business model is much different than that of boxing. You just can't compare them.

Can you explain to me what M-1 would do to co-promote other than slap their name on the canvas, talk about themselves, and collect a paycheck? Why would the UFC give up half for just one fighter? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. They somehow keep a straight face when they say that they are willing to accept half the risk in order to retain half the profit. Are you kidding me? Half the risk? What risk is there with a UFC event nowadays? Every event is profitable...all M-1 would do is sit back and collect a paycheck based off the blood, sweat, and tears of Zuffa from the last 8 years. Riddle me this...do you really think that M-1 split the losses with Affliction down the middle? If so, I have a bridge for sale my friend.
8/3/09 8:57:00PM

Bottom line is the UFC didn't NEED to co-promote an event, and i'd rather fight my way into irrelevance anyways.

8/3/09 10:09:31PM
fedor is becomming a huge bust in the mma world...no one can blame the ufc for him not signing there...its basically all fedors fault not even his managers...if fedor really wanted to prove hes the best then he should have signed with the ufc...hes going to fight overeem (which will be a good fight) but thats pretty much it...werdum couldnt hack it in the ufc and who else is there on the strikeforce roster? fedor is a hoax and the only way he will ever prove anybody wrong is if he goes to the ufc...his only chances of fighting any of the guys on the ufc roster is if the ufc goes bankrupt and M-1 runs mma...but that will never happen...kudos for the UFC for sticking to their guns the whole time...
8/3/09 10:19:55PM
OMG, This is funny....

I hope he gets Knocked Out by Brett Rogers!!!

Well at least we know it will be a ' EA Stikeforce' game coming out.
8/3/09 10:29:00PM
Lol Fedors a bust? How? He is part owner of M-1, he's under contract with them, this is just how it is.
8/3/09 11:05:00PM
WheelchairBandit is spot on,

Posted by WheelchairBandit

Vadim and Fedor want to "co-promote",which is Russian for "we get half of the profits for the entire card,just for Fedor fighting on it."That's the bottom line.M-1 has never "promotoed" sh!t when co-promoting.They co-promotoed both of Fedor's fights in Affliction........but do you remember any promoting from M-1 for either fight?Nope.Hell,there was hardly any promoting from Affliction for those fights!

The UFC is run by sharp businessmen.They know at the end of the day,Fedor is just another fighter.They can sign over half of their business to a bunch of Russian goons just to get this guy.Then what?What if he goes in there and gets creamed in his first fight?And then in his second fight?They just lost an ass load of money AND they're tied up legally with a bunch of shady characters they don't want anything to do with.

All this for ONE fighter,who at the end of the day,they don't really need.Fedor can never step foot in the octogon,and the UFC will keep right on truckin and keep getting bigger and bigger.Fedor on the other hand,is running out of legit opponents-he's literally waiting around for UFC cast aways at this point.

The UFC offered Fedor and his people the best deal in MMA history,and they flat refused it.Take that FWIW.


I think its bad for strikeforce, Fedor has three fights that people will watch but after that its like watching Michael Jordan play one on one with high school kids, how can anyone get excited and then stay excited about that?

Sure everyone wants to see him fight but it wont take long before people will get tired of nobody's being pummeled fight after fight. I think Fedor just dropped his stock again and by the time this is over nobody will care about him because he chose not to fight the best fighters he could, It make me feel like he kind of punk'd out.

I swear to god some of you worked for pride with your wack analogy's and horrible business schemes that have little logic.

Ill watch Fedor's fights but Ill be tuned in because of Carano, Diaz, Cung Le and others.
8/3/09 11:31:24PM
Safe to say Fedor will more then likly never fight in the UFC now. Even if he does by than he will be washed up and Brock will be 100x better then he is now. I think Fedor would beat Lesnar right now but in 1, 2 , 3years form now he will get manhandled. I think with the co-promotion they also wanted to have more of the M-1 fighters to fight. It would have been pointless for the UFC to co-promote with a promotion as small as M-1. How many people have seen an M-1 global event? I have not. To turn down the best deal even and be getting a cut of the PPV buys????????? That is just crazy talk.

Oh well I guess we all get to see Fedor win some more fights easily so he won't have to train to hard. I doubt any of the Strikeforce HW will even give him a challenge. I am glad they will be free. I don't have showtime and I am not running out to get it for those fights. Like someone else said I will be tuning in more to see Carono. Le , Diaz etc.
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