Fedor Emelianenko Makes The New York Times

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1/22/09 1:06:18PM
This is a big deal. The NYT is considered the paper of record by almost every journalist in the country. Here's the lede from the article:

1/22/09 1:08:59PM
Awesome... good for them.

Honestly, while they are going up against the next to impossible to overcome UFC - with Trump and now De La Hoya backing you (Affliction) up... I'm sure there's some big pull that evens the score a little..
1/22/09 1:21:58PM
1/22/09 2:50:49PM
"... in a sport that combines the spectacle of professional wresting with the violence of a barroom brawl."

#1 in journalism?! I dont think so.

Thanks for keeping the average person informed.
1/22/09 3:05:57PM
Enter the Trump. Opening bell at NASDAQ New York Times
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