Fedor Emelianenko Gives No Reason to Think He'll Sign With UFC

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7/30/09 10:27:33PM

Posted by Aether

To help his friend expand his company, for the fans etc. I've heard him comment several times that he doesn't really like MMA very much and that it's basically just a paycheck. He has stated that if he didn't have to fight he wouldn't.

I think in this case he honestly doesn't care very much about the money or his legacy and is letting his friend do what he feels is best for his company. He's said fairly recently that he doesn't care about his legacy, I think it was on inside MMA, and clearly if he wanted money he would just take the 30 million.

I don't think he's detached enough from what's going on or stupid enough to be flat out manipulated. He must be going along with this whatever his reasons are.

The only thing I would buy right now is that Fedor is hooked up with M1 because he wants to help out up and comer fighters, which is the original purpose of M1 in the first place... isn't it? People with any sense at all will not sign themselves into a contract doing something they don't want to do (according to you) because they want to help a friend out.

Saying he doesn't want to fight if he doesn't have to and/or doesn't care about his legacy is completely inconsistent with 1) the statements he has made about him being interested in interesting challenges with respect to MMA fights, as opposed to just fighting for a title. 2) he did say that he wanted to be remembered as a good person (If I recall correctly). The point of that statement is that he wants to be remembered. The only way he will be remembered is through MMA.

I don't think he is having the wool pulled over his eyes, but rather is in a situation where he can't do anything.
7/31/09 12:38:35AM
"No I am not concerned about building my legend or my legacy... The way I want to be remembered is just as a good person."

The way I interpret that statement is exactly as it was spoken, that he doesn't care about his legacy and that if people are going to remember him he would like it to be because he was a good person. What you wrote is a pretty liberal interpretation of the least relevant part of the quote, strange considering the addition of "(according to you)" in your response.

People don't stop doing their job because they would prefer not to do it, especially when they're making millions of dollars. Like I said I'm sure he wants to continue providing for his family and friends as long as he's able to do so including for future generations, but he obviously doesn't care if he's making 5 million or 1 million, otherwise he would take the 30 million. I never said he's fighting just to help a friend out, I said that one of the main reasons for choosing a lesser paying contract with co promotion could be because he wants to help his friend and the company that has helped him as well as a lack of concern about the things that fans are complaining about (money, legacy). Fedor doesn't seem to care nearly as much about who or where he fights as any of us do, which is probably the main reason everyone is coming up with these theories about mob involvement or Fedor being an unwitting pawn.

What is the difference for Fedor, in practice between fighting for the UFC or someone else? There is money, quality of opponent, and recognition/advertising. He clearly doesn't care about the money that much, he's making millions no matter where he goes. Second, opponents. Either he believes that he will get good fights regardless of where he goes or he's afraid of fighting in the UFC, the answer to this seems obvious to me, (though some would argue) he is just as happy fighting Overeem and Werdum as he is fighting Lesnar and Mir. The last point, reputation, legacy whatever you want to call it he has stated clearly that he doesn't care about. This is also indicated by the course of negotiations, they know they're badly damaging their reputation if they walk away, again Fedor is completely unconcerned.

I don't see why it's so unreasonable to consider that Fedor isn't nearly as worried about all of this as the fans are and is simply letting his manager do what he thinks is best for his company. I believe it is more plausible than that he for some reason has no control over his own career. I'm not sure what you mean by "can't do anything about it" exactly.
7/31/09 12:44:50AM
Are you from quebec? Is French your primary language? Just curious.
7/31/09 12:04:28PM

Posted by Aether

Are you from quebec? Is French your primary language? Just curious.

No I am from Toronto, and I can't speak French very well.

I guess I'll clarify what I was trying to say about his legacy. The fact that he wants to be remembered (period) can only happen through MMA. It's not like the guy is a philantropist or something. Most people know him through his MMA career and things attached to that.

The only way people are even going to know/remember him (whether as a great fighter or good person) is though MMA. If he is in complete control of his decisions (based on the information that I have read thus far) then he will accomplish neither of those (good fighter or good person) for his legacy.
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