Fedor Emelianenko 'Disappointed' Josh Barnett Fight Off, Will Fight Anyone

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7/23/09 9:10:04AM
Fedor Emelianenko, the generally recognized heavyweight champion of MMA, made his first public comments about Josh Barnett's failed drug test on Thursday in Russia, a day after learning that Barnett would not be able to fight him in the main event at Affliction Trilogy. Fedor said he was disappointed by the news and open to fighting anyone, while his manager said Fedor's next opponent was likely to be Brett Rogers or Vitor Belfort.

7/23/09 1:23:30PM
OK,OK I'll do it.

I'll have to make some calls to cover my butt at work, but I can make it!

Rogers wanting like $800,000 is just stupid. I'll do it for $450,000.

I sure hope national health care doesn't pass before my fight, because I going to need some good ****!
7/23/09 1:29:21PM
Both Don Frye and Jeff Monson have offered to step in, among others.
7/23/09 2:12:27PM
I was thinking Affliction's best bet was to KEEP the Belfort/Santiago fight and just find someone for Fedor.
7/23/09 2:14:48PM
I would like to see him face rodgers, but overeem would be the best opponent other the barney. Why would you do roids in the biggest fight of your life when they're random testing people now.
7/23/09 2:15:16PM

Posted by DCRage

Both Don Frye and Jeff Monson have offered to step in, among others.

Who would pass up a chance to fight Fedor.If I was offered I would take it and I do not even fight profesionally, however to be in there with The Legend is one opurtunity I could not pass up.
Kinda pisses me off that fighters are turning this fight down.
7/23/09 2:17:30PM
Brett Rogers is the most legitimate choice.
7/23/09 2:27:16PM
Correct me if I am wrong, but Barney's drug test wasn't random. It was a scheduled test he made an appointment for. He needed it to get his liscense in CA.
7/23/09 2:41:58PM
If Belfort is fighting Fedor I would actually buy this PPV instead of downloading it.
7/23/09 2:47:16PM
heck I weigh in at 265.. that gives me about 25 pounds on Fedor.. if they let me I would do it and I know I am not ready.. but as stated earlier.. the chance to step into teh ring with a living MMA Legened who is not even finished yet still in most of his prime.. Yea I'll be in the hospital for week.. but I'll be one of only a handful who can say they fought Fedor.. Plus the payday would be nice.. I'd do it for half of what someone like Rodgers would get.. imagine.. its the Rocky of MMA.. complete underdog fighting the champ..
7/24/09 4:38:54AM
Jeff Monson has a way better chance than Rogers. Plus Monson/Fedor is a match I've always wanted to see.
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