Why Fedor Emelianenko's and M-1's Co-Promotion Requirement Could Ruin MMA

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8/20/09 8:31:53AM
"This simply isn't going to happen and not just because of the money. UFC has learned the main lesson of boxing's decline: You need to give people the fights they want to see. That can't be done when every fighter is a promotion unto himself, able to avoid taking on an opponent if he doesn't like the terms or his chances. To allow Emelianenko to co-promote with UFC would just be to encourage Lesnar, St-Pierre, Silva, and anyone else who wants more money and more control to hold out for the same rights. And that would be crippling to a nascent sporting cartel."

8/20/09 3:03:19PM
That's ridiculous.
8/20/09 3:10:38PM

Posted by Giant_Ochai

That's ridiculous.

what that article said is bogus.

if fighters like GSP Alves etc. start holding out like Fedor.the UFC would have no problem cutting them.although if they were champions like GSP the situation would get a little more complicated.BUT it would end up in court just like with Couture.and in the end the UFC would win because of the contract GSP(or any other fighter) already signed.

a new contract would have to be negociated.therefore they cant legally hold out.

the only reason fedor could hold out is because he didnt have any legal obligation to the UFC
8/20/09 3:50:40PM
Just a bunch of hog wash...
8/20/09 3:52:51PM

Posted by BigIP

Just a bunch of hog wash...

i think i might have to prop you for using the term hogwash. and yeah that writer gets a big
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