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12/31/07 8:58:30AM
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Hong Man Choi

Round 1

The size difference is truly amazing. Fedor rushed in take Choi down but it was the South Korean who executed the tackle. Fedor went to an armbar but Choi powered out and slugged the Russian with some sloppy right hands. Fedor, showing damage from the shots, cracks Choi with a left hand but is again taken down. Fedor again went for the armbar, but this time it's deep and Choi was forced to tap. The official time is 1:54 of the first period.

News from the sherdog play by play....

12/31/07 11:46:53AM
Wow what a challenge for Fedor. haha
12/31/07 11:51:56AM
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